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Harness The Power Of Morning Motivation

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Coach Lio
Professional Life Coach
With this short and powerful practice embrace the untapped promise that each sunrise brings, chart your journey towards your goals, and learn how to seize every opportunity with courage and conviction.
From the community
4 reflections
Setting up mindful success
This meditation was so powerful with putting me in a mindset of both gratitude and thinking about how I want to create the day I have ahead of me. I’ve added it to my favourites because I’ll want to do this again.
Moment of Potential
A moment of potential is any moment we imagine, sense or visualize ourself going throughout our day. Sitting underneath an oak tree, I saw myself at the beginning of a trail. It is dawn. The forest is quiet and calm. Three things come to mind of which I am grateful for In this state of abundance, I begin to notice one thing I want to accomplish today. As I picture myself walking along this trail, life becomes perfectly clear. It has never been about getting to the end of the trail as quickly as possible, it has always been to enjoy every step taken along the way. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Energetic morning
Most of my mornings include a slow meditation to ease me into the day. But sometimes I need a boost to get going and this meditation was perfect for that.
First step
I learned that each step is to be appreciated and treated with the same love and respect as the end goal
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