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Happy Today (Morning Meditation)

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Sean J Stevens
Mental Health & Spiritual Ally
Beginning the day in a positive headspace can have a profoundly beneficial impact on the whole rest of the day. Being mindful & intentional about how we feel is integral to manifesting how the rest of our day will unfold. Let's begin this day with Peace, Happiness, & Gratitude at the center of our focus & the core of our being.
From the community
4 reflections
Having to repeat the affirmations aloud consumed my attention and cleared my mind.
Letting go of anger
Still trying to quiet my mind and letting go of anger and frustration but each moo confronted with the same crap my partner does that just makes me angry. I can tell her something 10 times and she’ll say I’m listening but she never acts on it or changes the way I explain to her, like how to feed the pets. She repeats the same mistakes constantly. I tell her fold the towels in thirds so they fit in the linen closet. Nope she does it wrong about every 5th time and I end up remolding them. If I tell her again how and why to do something she gets pissed off. So each morning I’m confronted with some issue that pusses me off. I hate being married to her. We only get along if I give in to her way of doing things which don’t work too well. I say she deals with the gardening since she likes it and inside I make the rules. I’m so dissatisfied and disappointed in our relationship that I wish it never happened. I want to be alone as Greta Garbo said. Yup that’s how I really feel. Maybe I’m a bit of a control freak but it has reasons not just arbitrary. She never gets it. Now she has Parkinson’s and her mind isn’t working well. Stuff she could have done before her disease is now my problem to fix. I have cancer and need treatment but I’d almost rather die than face another year of this. I can’t take it much longer as I’m going to blow my top.
Happy Day!
I sit here enjoying the birds singing, and the sun shining brightly. What a beautiful morning. I am happy. I am at peace. I'm ready to make a new day for myself. I will keep my heart open and my mind free.
Start a day with gratefulness
It’s nice and feels good to start the day with a short meditation before getting out of bed :)
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