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Affirmations are the perfect way to give you a little boost to start your day or end your day with some happy thoughts to fall asleep to. Affirmations repeated in a light meditative state make lasting positive changes in the mind. ~My mind loves finding things to be grateful for ~I can always think new thoughts and remember thoughts that increase my joy ~My mind is a powerhouse of creative solutions ~I welcome new ideas and new ways of being ~I feel delighted when I think about all of the wonderful things coming my way You can repeat these happy affirmations throughout the day, silently or out loud and you can write them in your journal to boost your happiness.
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Happy Mind
I love this meditation, I wrote down those five ideas to be able to work on them. Thank you. 💕
As I came out of the meditative state and I opened my eyes I blurted out “oh how I loved this”. Thank you for reminding me that I am very grateful for my world and that I have the ability to use my positive thinking at any time. What a positive and energizing piece. I am 10 feet tall right now!! ❤️💪🏼🙏🏼
Positive Vibes
I closed my eyes and welcomed my breath. After a few long deep breaths into my belly, my body welcomed my mind in the present. I followed Elizabeth in repeating an affirmation and then brought to mind things, circumstances or memories that associated with each affirmation. Afterwards, I repeated the affirmation again. I noticed I was smiling. Going inward, I felt an inner smile in my heart. Warm and full of positive vibes, I am ready to get on with my day. Thank you, Elizabeth! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️