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Happiness Today !!!

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Remove blocks to allow more happiness into your life. Let the feeling flow again in your life. You are in controle of your own feelings starting now. Feel and let Happiness flow now..... Enjoy
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Happiness Today!
Do and feel happiness now! Allow it to flow in your life.........
An Answer to Prayer 🙏
Yesterday, I posted a reflection about my desire to rid myself of anxiety and my sense of guilt for feeling it. This morning I was scrolling through my “saved” list and decided to try Irene’s meditation - not because I needed to feel happy, but because I was having difficulty focusing on the other meditations of the morning. I always seem to be completely drawn into Irene’s meditations. To my surprise this meditation was an answer to prayer! The meditation was about removing the blocks that are in our pathway. This was exactly what I needed!!It was the perfect meditation, especially since Irene does such a incredible job of inspiring the listener’s abilities to visualize. If you have any blocks or negative emotions in your pathway or surrounding you, I highly recommend this meditation. Thank you, Irene!!!! Namaste! 🙏 🧘‍♀️
Remove the blocks
I really enjoyed this meditation and it will definitely be one I revisit. I initially felt some sadness when listening to this as I came to terms with the number of blocks that I had in front of me that are stopping me from truly being happy. Most of these are made up of fear as a result of my anxiety. As I further started to visualize this I realized some of these were created by the people around me but I have the power to remove these blocks and get rid of them. As soon as I started visualizing this I felt a sense of relief as the path in front of me cleared and I was able to freely move forward to my happiness.
Happiness Today
I needed this track. I often feel heavy from stress of life, being able to remove blocks has helped me feel a little lighter.
Reclaiming Happiness
Sometimes in our life a situation, stress, or person(s) can cause a block in our path to happiness. We remain stuck. Irene has you visualize what is blocking your path to happiness and sitting with those feelings for a moment. Then one by one we say thank you to the block, but now it is time for you to move on, pick the block up, and throw it into the sky. As I was doing this which each block, I could feel the weight I have been carrying around become lighter. I felt I had control over my life. I felt myself smiling and a growing strength from within. This powerful meditation to reclaim your happiness is one I will definitely revisit. Thanks Irene!🙏🤗❤️
Definitely one to keep as a favorite and listen to at least once a week . Made me realize in order to find happiness I need to be positive and let the toxic people out of my life
No more blocks
I learned that to be able to free yourself and allow yourself to be happy is by removing what’s keeping you to feel happy. Removing blocks is really easy you just have to let them go and continue to your path. Love and be kind is always with you, you just have to put them first and be your shield in everyday life.
I felt very calm after this and thank you Irene for helping me in a tough time. Much love,
I felt very calm after this and thank you Irene in this tough time. Much love, Tia
I'm happy today! 🌻
Nothing can block my happiness if I don't let it. I'm working on retraining my mind.
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