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Happiness Is My Natural State

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Happiness, contentment, calm, and inner peace are your 'natural states of being'. You simply need to return to these blissful states and the present moment whenever you notice you have moved away from them. This meditation is a simple and beautiful experience of how we can simply 'be' happiness as our natural authentic state - easily. This one is so powerful for witnessing yourself (by choice) - as happy. Feel free to use this daily and whenever you need to move yourself into our natural state of contentment and happiness! Namaste! xo dorothy
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Happiness through suffering
How are you doing? You seem so calm? How can you be calm? These are asked daily of me right now. It makes me believe that I cannot or should not be happy, peaceful or calm during suffering. Today I swung the other way. I choose to embrace suffering because others around me were suffering. I thought this was the only way for me to connect. I did this because I felt guilt & shame for my happiness. When I can acknowledge my own suffering it makes expressing empathy easier:
Happiness is my natural state
Dorothy Ratusny is absolutely exceptional as an inspirational instructor, five stars *****
Walter J
I agree with Dorothy that Happiness is our natural God given state. I also believe being Peacefull & Loving are too. It seems I can remember focusing on & experiencing all three almost all the time throughout my life by ignoring or forgetting the times when I or those around me were being the opposite. But lately there seems to be so much talk & advice about getting in touch with ourselves & embracing our negative selves - I guess to experience it to overcome it? - but it seems to do just the opposite to me & makes me only more negative, sad & miserable. Not the feelings I enjoy or want to experience. I like Helen Kellers quote “When you face the sun you see no shadows” She was not denying there is darkness or saying there are no shadows. But the more we face the (negative) darkness, the less we see of the light. I do not want to waste any more time or energy looking for problems just to overcome them. Therefore, I want to Focus on facing/moving toward the light at all times! That’s for me! I am Happily, Peacefully in Love with what is Good & Right! 😀☮️❤️🍀
Love watching my mood grow
As I listen to aura I feel and notice my self growing. Growing as a person becoming a better version of myself. For this I am for ever grateful, and growing happiness even if just a little everyday.
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