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Happiness from the Inside Out

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Happiness Insight
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Often we seek happiness from external things, yet happiness resides within us. This meditation helps you to connect with your own sense of happiness, joy and inner contentment.
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Savoring inner warmth 🌅🍵
I learned to savor the warmth and inner peace I felt inside me. This is about my feelings of myself coming from within me. Just staying in that place and savoring every moment is very nurturing to one’s self. I did this session comfortably reclining in a warm place while sipping on my just made cup of matcha tea. I put my hand on my heart when I was instructed to and held my warm cup of matcha near my heart. The warmth from the cup and the warmth coming from inside me, just seem to mesh together creating a very mellow experienced that I really enjoyed. I find that it’s a good thing to switch up how I meditate because it makes me feel like I’m having a totally new and different experience. Thanks 🙏 Aura
Just as pleasant as the 1st time 😇
I decided to listen to this meditation again because Rick liked my reflection from the first time. I read my first reflection and seeing that I had a very pleasant experience I felt that it was calling out to me to try it again. I’m as happy for trying it again as I was the first time. I also noticed that no one besides me has reflected and wonder if I’m the only one who discovered it? I do highly recommend it to my Aura friends. ❤️😇
Sarah Elizabeth
This was very soothing to listen too. It was very comforting and warm. Even though I had forced a smile on my face in the beginning of the meditation, it just ended up helping me in the end. The forced smile turned into a soft natural one. I felt peace and a fuzzy happiness at the end of this meditation. I feel very serene. Thank you Cyndee for recommending this mediation. You were right, it did not disappoint me at all. Thank You!
I’m sitting in lotus position (my favorite and most comfortable) and I feel like a soft cocoon is around me. It’s nice and warm inside, even though it’s cold and raining outside. I’m alone but not lonely and I like that feeling. I am safe, secure and content with my lot in life. I am here and now. Would I change anything? Not at this moment. This is a wonderful meditation just for me (and you). It’s also a great one to just sit and contemplate about after the end of the meditation. Thank you Cyndee and Sarah for the recommendation. 🙏❤️
Happiness from the inside out
I am taking with me today the fact that happiness is not in achieving but in just being. Learn to be. Love yourself from the inside out.
Happiness From the Inside Out
I woke up feeling incredibly sad this morning. After this meditation, I am soothed, reconnected.
Happiness from inside out
Nice meditation helping you to connect with yourself. It is important to value and love yourself. Learning to connect with your soul is part of our practice.
“Be the ball, Billy...”
Lovely session... If you can sit in a room quietly without any distractions and find inner peace. If you can remember that who you are, deep inside, is independent of your achievements, your money, your possessions, your status. If you can see the world through the eyes of a child and take great pleasure in just being alive. If you can laugh out loud and experience joy for no particular reason. If you can empathize with the frail, the elderly, the sick, the lonely and put your gifts to good use serving others. Then the world and everything in it will be yours.
Good meditation, wrong time
I realized that even with the AI it might be driving this and the quality of the meditation which was good, it wasn’t quite the right meditation for what I needed, and that was because I made the wrong choice. Human decision making still matters in what you choose. I can’t let the AI do it for me.
This meditation truly resonated with me. I find that my happiness is contingent on me achieving my goals or plans that I’ve put in place as I see it as an indication that I’m beating my anxiety. The reality is my happiness is within me and often by setting myself ridiculous plans, I put a lot of pressure on myself which sets me up for failure thus exacerbating my anxiety. I need to focus on just being rather than getting caught up in doing. I’ve been trying to keep myself “doing” to avoid the anxiety I’ve been feeling over my daughter’s struggles to be away from her mommy when she’s at school. Now I’m going to try and start “being” and focusing my attention on that instead.
Rest In Presence
When we base our happiness on external factors, we unknowingly give our power to other people and things. In this way, happiness is like a facet, bathing us in happiness Only when something good happens in our lives. In this meditation, we learn that our happiness is always within our grasp if we go within and rest in our presence. Taking a break from the thoughts that consumed my mind, I dropped down into my body, went inward and focused on my breath. Bringing relaxation into my mind and body by focusing on my breath, a smile began to form on my face. With each new inhale, I envisioned warmth coming in, as if giving my heart a soothing hug. Feeling this warmth spread throughout my body, this smile grew on my face and I became even more relaxed. Relaxing in the here and now, I rested in my presence. It is here where happiness awaits me. Soaking up this happiness, my spirit has been renewed. When I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings, I realized I am happy for no apparent reason and I will spread this cheer to everyone as I go about my day. Happiness isn’t wrapped up in external factors, such as people or things. We find happiness when we rest in our presence. Therefore, it is always within our reach. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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