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Hand on Heart Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Placing a hand on your heart can be soothing and caring. Try doing that during this practice and see how you get on.
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15 reflections
Breathing and focusing on the breath distracts me from feeling aggravated. My mind kept going back to thinking about why I'm aggravated but I was able to pull and back to the breath and heartbeat
Hand on heart
Sometimes if your feeling stressed or emotional. Just place your hands over your miracle of a heart and breathe. Whisper to yourself why you ARE beautiful.
A nice, peaceful meditation, perfect for the start of the day. With the hands on the heart and simply breathing quietly for a few minutes, I found such peace.
Soothing Touch
When the world becomes too much and we feel overwhelmed, placing our hands over our heart and focusing on our breathing can be a great way to ground us back into the present moment. Sitting in my chair, I laid one hand over the other and placed them on my heart and began to notice my breathing. Each time my mind wandered off into thinking, I gently brought my awareness back to my breath. Giving myself this soothing touch, I became full of love and compassion for myself as well as for everyone else in the world. As I go about my day, I will remember this soothing touch to remain grounded in the present. I will listen to the love and compassion I feel within and allow it to guide me. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Lovely grounding
As I went deeper into the meditation, my heart space began to feel warm and oh so lovely. Im finding that as time goes on during these troubling times, I’m needing to ground more. I’m definitely adding this concept to my grounding activities.
This session was extremely helpful, and even soothing, during a terribly stressful afternoon.
When I putted my hands on my heart , I felt connected to the main and integral part of my body. The most powerful part was whispering positive things to myself.
First meditation
Listening to this made me feel like I was at the beach in a very happy place
Self love
I felt good to place my hand on my heart and just think of good things I felt at peace with that background
I felt like I calm down more today than ever in my heart was racing from anxiety and nervousness
I had time to enjoy my deep breaths. They often go unnoticed
I learned that I love the sound of fire 😊. I also learned that I shouldn’t take my sobriety for granted and meditating helps me center myself
Nice and Simple
Nice, simple meditation. Nothing particularly special but helpful for a quick pick-me-up nonetheless. The narrator’s voice is soothing and gently lilting. She gives suggestions throughout but ultimately asks that you practice what is helpful for you. This meditation is like a hot cup of coffee: you add your own ingredients to create an individual experience.
Good focus area
I have learned that I have difficulty with the typical breath focus. It seems as if my breathing becomes more conscious and irregular as soon as I turn my attention to it, even when told to breathe normally. Obviously this reaction defeats the purpose of the exercise. This session avoided that problem by using another area of focus. By putting my hands on my heart and using that, instead of my breath, as my touch point I was able to feel much more relaxed and successful after the practice.
Walter J
What a wonderfully incredible session! Laying in bed, taking a nap on a rainy day with the window open just enough to hear the rain falling (1 thing I love to do, but rarely get a chance to!) I put my hands on my bare chest and immediately felt the warmth building up... I was quickly transported to my oldest sons apartment where I love to go to visit. I hear Jiva say do not be upset if your mind wanders because that is what it does. So I just enjoy seeing him and being there. After acknowledging him, I let go & find myself at the beach wading in the waves which is another place I love to go. Taking a few deep breathes of the salty sea air and feeling completely relaxed & refreshed I thank the waves and sand and again let go. I end up on a picnic in the mountains carving pumpkins with my other two boys. The fresh air, beautiful mountain top views & colorful leaves make it look like a painted masterpiece x1000! I return to my bed where my heart is so full of love and just smile as I here that familiar ending tune... whew! Who said travel was a problem during these interesting times?!? ❤️☮️🍀
Hand on Heart Meditation
Compassion for yourself is very important. You go through a lot! Make sure to recognize everything you have successfully faced and remind yourself it’s alright to not win every time.
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