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Hand on Heart Breathing

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The heart is our emotional centre, so why not see how it feels to put a soothing hand over your heart as you practice?
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Exactly What I Needed...
This meditation was exactly what I needed as I prepare to bounce out of bed to greet the busy day ahead. Very calming and centering. I love meditations that encourage a hand on the heart; it seems especially important during these busy days to take the centering moment for ourselves. 💫🙏♥️🙏💫
Hand on Heart
As I lay with hand on heart, listening to the words being spoken, I felt a calmness within and it has made me feel so relaxed before I settle for the night.
I learned that focusing on breathing detracts me enough from overthinking about my sadness. And it also reminded me not to let anything or anyone take my mind off of my breathing. And that's how you give ur mind a break.
Pre sleep
I just needed something to sleep to, I was even pretty tired so it took me half session to actually fall asleep
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