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Hand Meditation

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
Pause to rest the mind and body and express gratitude for two potentially underappreciated parts of your being.
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11 reflections
Meditation focus on hands.
I have become aware of my hands and all the functions I can do with my hands that I have taken for granted. Thanks to this meditation practice I am now more aware of the miracle of fully functioning hands that many people unfortunately do not have. I am forever grateful for this gift from the almighty.
I think this one was good-- I fell asleep in the middle. It must have bee
Didn't realize it was possible to fall asleep in less than 3 minutes! I have been enjoying the short meditations a lot!
Day two
I was very distracted today. My roommates were being very loud and it seemed to stress me out quite a bit. But I still felt relaxed by the time the meditation was over.
Joe E.
Focus on Hands
We take our hands for granted. As a musician, they are a vital part of delivering instrumental sounds to create the art known as a song. Thank you for the meditation to remind us of the role our hands play.
Give 'em a hand!
As a classical guitarist and someone who communicates a great deal through creative writing and typing, as I'm doing right now, I have a much greater appreciation for my hands. They really are magnificent creations.
I never thought about everything my hands have done for me until this meditation. It was a wonderful, relaxing experience! Definitely beneficial.
Be more grateful
It's amazing how unaware we are of things. This meditation made me aware of the value of my hands, and the type of energy we might be passing on to others by using them in different ways: cooking, painting, giving, writing, etc...
There's always something to be grateful for. Focusing on those things, however small, really displaces negativity from my thoughts and gives me a more positive feeling.
Touching the World
So much of our world is experienced through our feet and hands. As a massage therapist I have finely tuned hands. This meditation helps me be more aware of the power of my touch and helps me appreciate the healing that can be inspired through my hands. 💗
Powerful grattitde
I was almost overwhelmed with gratitude and an acute sadness when I brought my attention to these two blessings. How much of my world is shaped by my ability to touch, hold, create with my hands. Sadness for the time I have spent unaware of this blessings, grateful to realize this is not a given. They were gifted to me but they are not my right. Hoping to use this awareness to show greater appreciation and use these gifts more gracefully and mindfully now. Thank you
My hands go through so much. I have arthritis in them. But considering the amount they do, they are holding up quite well!
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