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Half Smile Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Body and mind are intimately connected, so sometimes we can make ourselves feel a little better by deliberately bringing a gentle smile to our faces. Not a forced grin, just a gentle smile. Try it as you do this practice!
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10 reflections
An easy meditation
All the 3 minute meditation requires is to focus on breathing while having a gentle little smile on your face. It’s a great meditation to start a day or even to use when the day begins to feel a bit overwhelming. 💫♥️💫
Cyndee 🌊
Lingering smile....
On Debb’s recommendation I made this my 1st meditation of the day. I decided to sit facing my window so I could gaze out at the beautiful tall trees across the street! My eyes also caught a glimpse of a painting I made back in 1999, of the first house I lived in when I first moved to this area in 1975. That started my mind wandering and it was quite a joy! I’m sure the smile I have on my face will linger for a while! 😊
When I awoke this morning it was from a most unpleasant dream, after a mostly sleepless night. I rarely dream so this was a bit of a surprise in itself. I listened to this short meditation that my friends have told me about, have a smile on my face and feel considerably lighter and happier than when I first awoke. I’m happy that I remembered to try this one this morning and will definitely keep it readily available for, who knows, perhaps every morning.
Improved mood
I love her voice and ability to keep me focused on the smile. It improved my mood.
Still really tried and really don’t wanna go to work but better I suppose XD
Half Smile 😊
I wasn’t in a bad or sad mood when I chose this meditation, so I can’t assess whether it changed my mood. However, I found it to be a light, easy meditation. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be: pleasant.
Good generally; not for me
Well this meditation is actually very good in its intent, it just didn’t happen to work for me. Not the meditation in this case, me.
Didn’t do much for me today. Maybe a different session is what I need? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Smiling Brings Joy
A little smile and focus on my breath changes everything. It really brought me back to center.
Smiling as I meditate
I found it by looking at that meditative read me feel slightly happier I didn’t even greater effect on my energy and focus I thought I would read the practice increasing both of these more so than an asked to leave in my happiness
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