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Yoga Nidra for the Deepest Sleep

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
Progressive relaxation soothes the nervous system while body sensing prepares body and mind for deep sleep. As your mind dissolves and you watch yourself drift off, this session provides a unique opportunity to rest in the deepest state of healing and renewal, technically non-REM deep sleep stage 3, or Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).
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Thanks for this back up xx
This helps more than u know thanks for keeping my sanity in loneliness
I felt that I needed to finally learn to trust my abilities. Failure is part of the equation it’s a opportunity to grow.
Deep Rest
Settling into comfort, I gathered my awareness on my breath. Simply allowing the breath to be as it was, my body began to relax into my bed. Surrendering to gravity, my body further relaxed into my bed. My body felt like lead during these moments with my breath. Following Lauren’s gentle guidance, I was taken through different areas of my body. By the end, my body, filled with presence, felt as if was floating. So light as a feather, my mind and body are ready for deep rest. Thank you, Lauren! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️