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Guided Meditation 101!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
This is a Guided Meditation designed for beginners. You can take a 15-minute break at work and get a mindful boost or feel free to listen at bedtime or whenever you need to relieve the stress out of your Mind, Body, and Spirit!! Cheers~
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How to nourish my soul
All is well. I’m worthy, I am beautiful and I,m confident. Opportunities are chasing me.
I learned that
I can only last about 20 seconds before passing out with this meditation. I try to focus on nothing except my breathing and so far sleep has been the great reward which is fine by me. I’ll keep a dream journal next to me since this meditation is so effective, but for now, at this moment I’m just going to enjoy the meditation again. Good night to all~