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Grounding Yourself

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The simple practice of grounding yourself - feeling the contact with the earth below - can really help when you're feeling anxious or stressed, or your mind is racing a million miles an hour.
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20 reflections
This was an inspiring meditation. I was surprised at how supported I felt once I let go and relaxed...trusted.🙏
Sometimes i look too hard for some spiritual inner truth, when all I really need to return to ground is to take a moment and feel where I’m grounded physically.
My mind has been on overtime lately, causing me to struggle with settling into meditation. I was hearing the words, but not internalizing them. I expect that many of you can relate. I found this meditation to be helpful in grounding and relaxing into the meditation. 🙏♥️🙏
Simple, easy, perfect, and exactly the type of practice I am requiring at the present time in order to feel grounded.
Cyndee 🌊
Gentle and relaxing
My mind wandered a lot but I kept coming back to it. It’s a very gentle and relaxing meditation that I will come back to again and again.
Great midday break
I found myself with a little time up my sleeve and this meditation was a perfect midday break to keep my grounded and to remind me that my body is always supported by something so I can look for this next time I’m feeling anxious.
Excellent for anxiety
The constant refocusing on your connection to the ground helps calm the mind a lot. I found it easy to come back to that sensation again and again and at the end felt grounded and centered. Thank you.
I felt so calm after this practice. These short three minutes were the perfect escape from the stresses of the holiday season.
Fully supported
As long as we’re on Earth, we can always count on gravity. Namaste
Feeling Grounded
I learned that grounding oneself with intention can be helpful when one is physically ill.
Supporting Your Body
What is it my body needs right now? It needs this warm cup of coffee that is in front of me.😆 Jiva’s soothing voice guides you to focus on what is supporting your body in this moment. I am sitting on my soft sturdy couch which is supporting my body at this moment. I did not notice any sensations being present throughout my body during this practice. In moments when we are feeling stressed, we can take a moment to refocus our attention on what is supporting our body at the moment along with the breath to ground us. This session left me feeling calm and centered.
Jiva, perfect! Released anxiety for stock market and virus. Found grounding outside with birds and airplanes. Thanks.
I felt healed, I noticed that I am a part of Mother Earth and it’s necessary to stop and appreciate.
We resonate with the earth naturally but that get disturbed by technology around us. To bring back serenity connecting physically lying on the bare ground watching the sky or walking bare feet connects us back. It leaves a huge impact on the mental and physical wellbeing.
Simple yet effective
I found this meditation to be a very simple yet effective tool to reach mindfulness. It’s simplicity makes it especially useful to use wherever you are and even if you only have a few free moments.
Meditations for out and about
The thing I liked best about this meditation is that it can be done anywhere - if I ever feel stressed this can be done anywhere. Just feeling supported when feeling anxious is a really positive and powerful thing to be able to do so I really liked this meditation. I learnt to think of the ground as supporting me rather than taking it for granted.
Work impact
My anxiety levels have increased since returning to work, having had 5 days off and QHHT. I need to be very mindful to stay calm despite the 107 unread emails. If anything is extremely urgently requiring my attention, someone would have rang me about it.
Grounding before flying
I am really anxious at the airport after rushing through the big security lines. It was nice to get to my gate and tune inward for a little. I noticed my heart and breathing really racy and I wasn’t able to calm down on my own. I focused on my breathing and contact points as directed through this meditation.
Grounding before work
I am feeling good right now my body told me to just relax and close my eyes 👀 n listen to me don’t stress about anything take a nap n deep breath and breathe go take a break and breathe and start again that’s what my body telling to do. So I am.
Grounding confirmed
There can be no doubt-the ground supports me. I must have faith that the rest of the universe does as well. Namaste
Grounding before work
I’ve not meditated in a while and noticed my mind is all over the place at the moment. Work is busy and just the day to day stresses is starting to feel overwhelming, so this meditation was a good one to jump back into and give me that sense of ‘grounding’ letting my mind rest!
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