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Grounding Roots Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Have you ever wondered how a tree can grow so tall and still not be blown over by the winds? It's all about the roots baby! If you feel like you're a feather in the wind, being blown to and fro, then this meditation is for you. Have a seat, grow your roots deep and reconnect to the heartbeat of Momma Gaia. That always makes me feel better!
From the community
19 reflections
Hands palm down rooting into the earth. For letting go of stress anger fear energy
I am my own story. No one can tell me their story needs to be my story.
Let go of anger fear pain judgment. Palms down to root into earth. Energy releas
I am part of everything
Feeling sad and alone, this meditation helped me tremendously. I am part of everything and everything is part of me. I am never alone
A most amazing meditation! I envision myself listening to Bradley as an avian chorus sings to me of what it is to be alive. Or on the shores of an ocean, as the waves wash away all that is dark within my heart: stress, anger, fear, and so forth. I am in my sanctuary where eternal love embraces my soul. Thank you, Bradley, my friend. ❤️🙏❤️
Earth’s Energy
During this beautiful meditation, I visualized myself sitting in a beautiful garden surrounded by wild flowers and a fountain. As I am breathing new life into my body I can feel myself connecting with Mother Nature. I can feel the earth’s energy supporting my mind, body, and spirit. I am feeling centered. I am grateful for my breath breathing in new life energy into my body. I am grateful for all the possibilities this new day will bring. May all of us find some time to connect with our breath and Mother Nature today. Peace and blessings to all!🙏❤️
This is really
Good! I did it, not really knowing how much it would be taking my gift of energy and right on sharing it... Breathing in through the nose, breathing out through the mouth, breathing in through the mouth, breathing out through the nose.... Can you please do it too? Have a Groovy day!
Malcolm Key
This was a glimpse of how peaceful life can truly be. In times such as these being a young adult like myself, who is on the path to enlightenment and inner peace. I am often surrounded by people my age or younger living in ways that I perceive as confounding. I want to help people become the best version of themselves but I can’t. I feel angry when I see people become stuck. I want them to know how life CAN be if they allow themselves to open their gaze. But that will come with time. I hope I can become the best version of myself and find power internally and externally. Stay blessed
Fantastic for Imagining the Ideal Day
This is an incredible meditation, as are all of Morris’s. I feel calmer, more focused, and happier. I have a clearer image of my optimal day; now, I just have to create it. The only issue with this meditation I have is that the music, which I always love, is a bit too loud. Other than that, this is a nearly perfect meditation. Thank you.
By the end of the practise i felt so incredibly still and centred.
By the end I noticed I felt so light and relaxed. Just what I needed after a long days work.
Marques Pizarro
I learned that we are connected to earth, living things, from plants and animals, to people and our own cells. I learned to be kind to myself. To be kind to moments.
I learned that I feel the energy of changing weather and it energized me
I was soo tense, sad, fearful, and hopeless before my healing experience. But I can literally decide who I am at any moment, this reminded me that you have to be dedicated, committed, and conscious of change. The actions take practice. Doing meditation, breathing, stretching, and yoga has simultaneously made me feel more in my body than ever before and also that “I am not this body, I am not Candiss, I am consciousness”.
Fear Loops
When I depart from the reality of the present moment in fear of some uncertain future, and I begin seeking some type of assurance outside of myself It only increase my fear, often leading me into further seeking of external assurances… which are literally impossible. I gained the insight that the reason this seeking drives me down an unending spiral is because the thing I am fearing exists only in my mind as one of an infinite number of possibilities, and the longer and more intensely I give it my attention the more it solidifies into a material existence. Thoughts by their very nature are seeds of pregnant possibility, carrying enough impulse of life to seek growth into reality. Attention, and Intention give thought the light and water it needs to materialize. A thought of eating, already has enough existence, enough life, in the individual to be channeled into a material existence.
Connected with all
My body needs me to slow down and I have been disconnected. I have not been taking the time to listen my needs. If I don’t care for myself I am not able to be present with others.
Feeling grounded
I’m a small part of everything, it helps me remember my “issues” are tiny. I visualize slowly rising up, looking at everything from above. Perspective is a gift
I felt that I like meditations that help me being grounded and secure but this time I wondered a lot, but I felt good anyway :)
Feeling grounded
I feel like Im part of this amazing world that has so much to give to us and we owe so much to it
I learned that controlling my breath and really holding the count enabled me to focus on something different other than my thoughts.