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Grounding Practice

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
We are made from Earth particles and star dust. This meditation is going to help you feel deeply connected to yourself, the Earth and to all life in the Universe. Ground into your power, sit with deep roots. You are magical.
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5 reflections
Self love
I learned that my self peace fuels my heart to be the one that I goes the extra mile.
Sitting in my chair with my feet firmly on the ground, I began to breathe deeply from my belly. With each out breath, I squeezed all of the air out of my body by contracting my abdomen muscles. Releasing my abdomen muscles while allowing my belly to expand, I was free to inhale a fresh new gulp of air. After a few rounds of diaphragmatic breaths, my body was relaxed and ready to receive new energy. Digging myself into the Earth by visualizing my back as a corkscrew, I became rooted. Once I reached the core of the Earth, I began receiving prana through my feet. After a few breaths of receiving this amazing prana, my feet and body were tingling with aliveness. Once I was filled with aliveness, a smile arrived on my face as I began to experience the dance of life. Receiving life with every breath I took, I became grateful to be alive. Giving back to life with every out breath, I felt the joy of being connected. Dancing in this amazing, yet simplistic way with all of life, I felt my vibrational frequencies rise. It was at this point where I set intentions for my day. I will show up with loving awareness and speak from the heart. I will take time throughout my day to stop what I’m doing and feel the body-mind connection through my breath. May you take some time to get grounded and experience the dance of life today! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
New Life Energy
The expression “out with the old in with the new “describes this amazing session. It is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself-mind, body, and spirit as well as connecting with the Earth’s energy. When we connect with the Earth’s energy through our breath, we are able to breathe in new life energy into our body and exhale anything that no longer serves us. This session is exactly what I needed to balance myself after a day that has not flowed well at all. Taking a few slow deep controlled inhales through my nose and slowly exhaling controlled through my mouth with a sigh, I can feel the tension of the day leaving my body. I feel my mind start to relax. Continuing to do this, I feel a continuous shift in my mind, body, and spirit from feeling frazzled to feeling alive, refreshed, and centered. A strong feeling of gratitude for the gifts the Earth is offering to me is spreading throughout my whole being. I find myself silently saying “thank you” over and over. Grateful for taking the time to receive this precious gift. Grateful for my meditation practice. Grateful for the extra time to have for this session. It then becomes clear what my intention for the rest of this day will be. It will be to continue to show love for myself by continuing to do things that fill my cup up. Thank you Bradley for creating this meditation which was an amazing experience. Namaste!🙏
Grounded and revived
There has been a great deal of chaos in my life lately and I became highly detached, allowing the chaos to consume me. My last reiki session was highly energized and grounding was almost impossible. This session has allowed me to reclaim my place on this earth and ground to the light energy of its core. I am beyond grateful for this practice.
Joy in oops
My grandchildren have a book about making an oops into little bits of arts. The oops doesn’t ruin what you’re doing it gives you the opportunity to make something from it. Today I realized to not stress out if things do not go as planned, an oops, make something positive out of the situation. Even if it’s to laugh at a mistake. Namaste.
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