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Grounding Ourselves

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
A beneficial practice that gets us out of our heads and into the presence of our own bodies and the ground beneath us.
From the community
7 reflections
Strong memories
Coming back to my AZ reminded me of all my loss. Last week I ran toward the beach to escape the pain. Now I know I did this because I needed deeper roots. Roots to hold me upright. Roots to anchor me against wind. Roots to discharge the pain into the ground. Now I have a great meditation to help me grow my roots for the next storm.
Stop Ourselves.
Sometimes Stop to give Ourselves time to Think and Rest. It's good for the Mind and Soul.
Vision of inhabiting the body
“Feeling what it’s like to inhabit a breathing body.” My essence inhabits a natural part of the physical environment. I can feel the body growing as I direct it to naturally draw strength from the earth. I liked this one!
Refocus not Focus AKA Mindfulness
"The deeper we root, the taller we rise," is a reminder of the significance of staying grounded throughout the path we walk each day. There is personal power in finding our more grounded selves.
Walter J
I did the 3 min. Version so far and it got me refocusing on my Root Chakra. Grounded in the Yin Energy of Mother Earth I am able to sink my roots deep in order to hang on and stabilize my oncoming growth. Just like when a large, tall skyscraper is to be constructed, the taller it is going to be - the deeper the foundation must be designed to help anchor, support & stabilize it. I have spent the past 10+ years studying & preparing for the next phase of my life while working 12-14 hour days and now I realize I have been creating a big, sold, deep foundation for my upcoming growth. That gets me excited again! With Gods blessing 2019 should prove to be the groundbreaking year!! ❤️💪🏼🍀
Walter J
Great meditation for reconnecting with ourselves. Hard to believe it was almost 2years ago since I did the short version! But I think of the all the knowledge I have gained since then & the amount of personal growth I have been aware of (and even more I have not seen) and it is exciting & encouraging to keep growing. For the higher you grow, the better the view! And Aura and my Auraian tribe have played a major supporting role in helping me grow!! Thanks to all of Yinz! (Pittsburghese for Y’all) I continue my visioning of Becoming a Majestic Oak tree atop a grassy knoll. My roots continue to grow longer & deeper into the corporeal matter of the earth providing me with more stability & nutrients to continue growing. Meanwhile, my sturdy trunk and strong branches grow thicker & higher- reaching up through the Astral plane on their way to the Ethereal heavens in search of the unknowable God-force I call ‘The X’. Being a connection between God the Father and Mother Earth, is a great responsibility. As a human when our circuits are open, Energy flows freely thru us from one to the other w/ ease. But if our circuits are closed, We disrupt this natural flow & cause energy to get stuck in our bodies with no easy way out. Confusion, sickness & ultimate burn out will be the Lawful result of this energy seeking to keep moving. This we call Dis-ease, the opposite of ease. As a tree, I cannot chose to block this Energy flow off, I must let it flow as The X has designed me to do. But as a human I have a choice - to keep it open & feel this Energy flow as it goes through my various Chakras - reenergizing them & clearing out old, spent energy. But if I consciously close it off... (see above) I am stuck with stagnant, depleted energy and will feel it. As humans we must learn to keep our circuits open & I do this by envisioning myself as a Majestic Oak atop my knoll, enjoying the view, the breeze, the birds fluttering through my branches & The X flowing in me! 💚🌳🍀
Quite time
I learned that I make my thoughts quite I then can see more clear and focus on tasks
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