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Grounding Mindfulness Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A 3-minute practice to ground and center you in the moment. Very helpful for when the mind feels hectic and scattered or emotions feel overwhelming.
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7 reflections
I've been having some issues the past few days and started to do it again this morning. I have been worrying because of my palpitations. They have kind of come on a bit stronger. I learned with this meditation that grounding onto something comfortable and to something that gives you a positive peaceful feeling really helps you stop worrying for a moment. It helps you remember positive good feelings and those bad feelings and worry take a backseat, even if for a short period time. One great thing about this is that you can do it often during the day… Which I will be doing today. Peace and love Jennifer
Pressure sensations
Usually during mindfulness meditation I focus on my breathing: the size of the breath. The length of the breath, where the breath is coming from. But today the short session was all about feeling where your body was touching a surface, and that completely consumed my mind, distracted me from my anxiety, grounded me, and opened my eyes to a broader form of mindfulness.
During my meditation session I learned to be more present and notice any big or small sensations
Short but sweet
While this is a quick meditation it’s exactly what I needed to kickstart my day after my morning affirmations. Saving a for a good recharge mid-day 🤩
Grounding Mindfulness Meditation
This short meditation was the perfect start to my day and week! By focusing on my body’s sensations of the solid reassuring contact of different areas of my body and the chair, my feelings of centeredness, grounding, and acceptance increased more and more. Showing loving kindness to my thoughts and not allowing them to be my focus also helped me put more attention towards my feelings of grounding. This was beautiful. Thank you.
Feeling better
My anxiety started filling me up and drowning me. I have an addiction to cannabis and this is my third day off of it. I get anxious about my future with school and just if I’ll succeed in life. But this helped me bring myself to the present, I still fill the anxiety, but now I’m just trying to acknowledge it and accept it in this moment
I feel calm and at peace.
My mind has slowed down and is back in the present moment, I feel lighter on my feet.
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