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Grounding Meditation

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This meditation follows the "one through four" steps as practiced in Medical Qigong. One is fun (because body scans are fun) Two is shoe, Three is tree and Four is Core! This is an easy grounding practice that you can incorporate into your daily self-care routine.
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Never Alone
I learned that focusing on and intentionally slowing the breath, doesn’t always steady the heartbeat. I noticed my heart was racing as I thought about the busyness of the day ahead and all the tasks that lay before me. I felt my heart rate slow down and felt my body relax, as I deliberately focused on the sound of the voice and the birds chirping outside whilst breathing in positivity.
Grounding meditation
What a wonderful short but extremely meaningful practice ! Highly recommended *****
Nadir A.
Well, the force is the logarithmic function the universe began in. Not a Big Bang. Because if it was a bigbang then there would be no way for it to develop orbits and gravitational pulls between planets and stars. Plus we were not there in the beginning so how would we tell. But I’m certain that the Force is the positive and dark matter is the negative. And they both even each other out.
I learned that imagining my feet growing roots into the ground really seems to work to allow me to be present with my body.
In this quick, but informative meditation, Jaisa guides us through an easy four step grounding exercise that we can incorporate into our everyday self-care routine. These four steps are called fun, shoe, tree and core. The first step, fun stands for body scan. Beginning from the top of our head to the tips of your toes, begin to bring curious compassion to each of our body parts. Doing this brings gentle awareness to our body. The second step is shoe, which stands for foot. Begin bringing gentle awareness to our feet, breathing in and out the energy surrounding them as they touch the ground. Jaisa suggests visualizing wearing ski boots or snowshoes on our feet as a way to intensify the energy. The third step is tree, where we visualize our feet growing roots into the Earth, extending meters down, the roots growing both forward and backward and left to right of us. Doing this gives us a sense of security and binds us to the present moment. The final and last step is core, where we visualize the roots extending from our feet to the core of the Earth. Once we tap into the core, we begin to breath in all of the life force energy that the Earth has to offer us. Breathing in this energy fuels our whole entire body. After completing this simple exercise, I am thankful that I have nourished my mind, body and soul in this grounding fashion. I am not only grounded in the present moment, but also energized for my day! I will definitely remember this grounding exercise! Thank you Jaisa! Namaste 🙏🏻☮️❤️
It was fun
I resisted but the body scan was fun and led to a beautiful moment of physical meditation focusing in my root space