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Grounded Morning

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
Good Morning, let's get grounded. This session uses a quick and effective yogic technology called polarity. It will have you feeling yourself inside of your body and brain. It will calm the mind really efficiently to give you a solid start to the day.
From the community
11 reflections
our bodies work in amazing ways. taking time to sit and reflect on that is very important
What a way to start the day!
I love this one! Never get tired of practicing with Lauren. Even tho short by meditation practice standards, this one takes me in immediately and I'm sorry when we're done! Happy Grounded Morning!
Good Morning!
I continue to come back to this meditation 🧘‍♂️ morning after morning. I have learned to appreciate the serene tranquility that I receive from waking up a couple of hours before the sun☀️ rises. It has become my favorite time of the day. I get to spend quality time alone with myself; whether reflecting on my past, nurturing my spirit & my soul, and/or designing my day to achieve my goals. By the time the sun is starting to peek above the horizon with its bright & beautiful morning light, I have indeed become grounded in my morning. This has taught me to enjoy each & every moment in the present, because there is no certainty I will have another moment after this one.
Grounded is an understatement.
This meditation made me feel so centered and so calm, that by the end, I began to feel like I could feel tingles in my limbs as I drew attention to them. When I opened my eyes, I felt so relaxed; everything felt so still. I couldn’t even deny the small smile of appreciation for this practice opening me up to a deeper sense of tranquility and awareness. I think I’ll add this to my morning meditation routine.💛☀️
“Ground control to Major...”
They had started the day at 4:30AM in France Hadn’t missed a connection She had been texting me at each milestone In the Paris Airport she sent a photo of a $75,000.00 Rolex in a shop window I thought about what my grandfather always said, “Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” In Atlanta, with only one more short flight to go, they encountered a mechanical delay turned out the pilot’s seat had a broken spring and had to be replaced “What are the odds?”, I smiled to myself, imagining a rotund aviator with four gold bars sewn on each of the shoulders of his starched white shirt attempting to squeeze his immensity into the confined space of the cockpit and then finally plopping down with a “BOING!”... I pulled into the airport parking lot around 9:00pm and let out a sigh of relief as I caught sight of them walking up from the gate, past the security stations and into my arms. By the time we pulled in the driveway it was almost eleven, which felt like 5:00AM to my travel-weary girls. “Home, Home, where I wanted to go” - C.P.
The best meditation that i had so far!!
I’ve tried 2 meditations before this one and still didn’t feel like i got what i need to start my day. This one is perfect!
Grounded morning
I listened to this because of the comments from another community member and I’m so glad I did. This is now one of my favorite meditations! I could really feel a difference in my body as she guided my attention from one area to another. I’ve never felt much of a connection to my body before, so this was a positive experience. Comments really make a difference!
Grounded morning
I can switch feelings and actually feel a shift from the left side of my body to the right
Cyndee 🌊
Completely effective!
I didn’t realize this meditation would be a seven minute long body scan and I am so grateful that it was. I am just now getting started with my day bc I needed to get some extra zzz’s. This is a wonderful body scan it is so completely effective in relaxing if you don’t let your mind wander. Just what I needed to begin my day. Thanks, Lauren🙏
Grounded morning
This practice really helped me stay focused. No breath work. Just working on noticing each side of your body separately. For some reason this really grabbed my attention and I was able to really focus. Great start to my day. Thanks Lauren.
Grounded Morning
In this meditation, you feel your body from the inside out. Your mind is focused and calm. This meditation is a wonderful way to begin your day!
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