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Gratitude Meditation

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Teacher
This 3 minute Gratitude practice will help you quickly connect with gratitude for your life, to counter our mind's habit of dwelling on our problems or what is lacking.
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11 reflections
Lisa Pollard
Just loved doing this gratitude meditation with my two beautiful children Mala and Bede. Thank you Suzie we are really enjoying your channel supporting our family with your mindful parenting.
Totally zened out 🤙🏽
🌴Meditation was beautiful made me drift into another state of mind an come back into my inner peace job well done 20 👍🏽🌴
This meditation helped me reframe the small things in life that seem to bring about so much stress. In all reality, I have much to be grateful for. The mind too often focuses on all of the small annoyances, things we must do and things we believe we are lacking. It is helpful through both meditation and journaling to keep in mind that our focus needs to shift from these distorted thoughts to the many things in our lives we already have and take for granted or have created through more conscious living.
I don't think meditating works as well for me when I'm on my period.
My symptoms seem to create more distraction than I'm capable of dealing with.
Feeling loved and loving
I remember that I am not alone, I have many loved ones to be thankful for and abundance in my life that is beyond measure.
I’m grateful for the ability to be grateful
After several years of not really feeling anything, it’s better to feel even the least desirable emotions than nothing at all.
A Realization
I never thought to feel grateful for my hardships, for my ill body. But after doing this and thinking about my body, I realize that i may not be grateful that it’s happening to me but i’m grateful for the people who are helping me get better. I’m not sure if that’s where she wanted me to go with that but that’s what i took out of it. This changed my way of thinking about the things in the world, there’s so much to be grateful for.
I learned that simply just taking time away from your day to be grateful, can result in a lighter feeling inside and take away the current stress your under.
Thankfulness is something I leaned
One of the few times I’ve learned to actually feel thankful.
Gratitude always
I think that a majority of us live in a world where things are fast-paced. Everyone at point A wants to rush to point Z; everyone who has one thing wants something else. I️ do think that we barely take a second to pause, and reflect on what is in our “present” that we should express gratitude towards. We do not always need to rush to point Z, we do not need to have a “want want want” mentality. I think sometimes we are so blinded by our surroundings hat we forget sometimes the things we truly need, the things that matter, and the things that should hold the highest gratitude in our hearts are right within reach.
More time to think about your blessings
Taking time to speak about joys and blessings is so much better than wasting your time complaining about your struggles. Sometimes our minds are focused on things that we should be grumpy about, we forget there are lots of joys to spend energy on. Instead of releasing hate, just appreciate. ☺️