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Gratitude for Breath

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation invites the listener to bring a sense of gratitude and appreciation to the breath.
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I was having an anxiety attack and felt like I couldn’t breathe. This helped me focus on my breath and remember to trust my body to know how to breathe
Breathing so simple ... so powerful
We tend to forget that the simple things — like breathing — are the most powerful ones. Concentrating on your breath makes you aware of so many things that are important to you and the world around you disappears (for a while at least).
Just breathe
I’ve noticed that breathing in and out calms you in more ways than one.
When I relax and breathe, I have a sense of reassurance from all the stress I am given.
A perfect short break
When I’m worried about problems or stressors in my daily life, it helps to have a guiding voice remind me to slow everything down and focus on the breath. It always feels like the sun comes out from behind the clouds after taking some time to look inward.
The first minute of the meditation I was was having difficulty settling in and focusing but as soon as she started talking about showing gratitude to our breath I started to ease in. “Know you’re never alone because you have your breath”. Beautiful thing to hear. I could really feel the oxygen flow as I placed my hand on my chest and pictured this automatic action that happens without us having to will it to. Constantly flowing through out our body 24/7. Truly something to be grateful for.
My mom
I meditate for my mom today, who is struggling to find her inner voice because of overconsumption of alcohol.
I forget to give myself permission to calm down and slow down and to nurture my body. I needed that.
I forget to give myself permission to calm down and slow down and to nurture my body. I needed that.
Gratitude for Breath
I loved this simple focus on the breath. I have come to realize how centering and calming it is to focus on my breath, at any point in the day. Even a split second of focus on my breath brings me back to center. I am grateful.
I had no idea what was going on throughout the duration of this thing. I mean the “take appreciation from your breath” thing was nice but honestly I found it really hard to focus and concentrate the entire time.
I really appreciated when it was acknowledged that the mind wonders but to notice where you are and being your attention back to the breathe.
So poignant and beautiful, I'm not alone, none of us are. Our bodies work so hard. my body
It’s been sometime that I have taken the time to do a meditation. I am so grateful I took the time to do so. This morning I felt the familiar creep of the clock ticking, gotta go, gotta go, hurry hurry hurry! Lots to do, so much to do. My brain already buzzing a million miles a minuet. 600 steps ahead of what was actually happening. The mental energy going from zero to 10,000 just minuets after I opened my eyes. Frustrated that my body couldn’t operate as fast as my mind. Tired after a full nights rest. How I thought? I know how. That is how. My body and my mind both need rest. To sync those things in order to feel good. Not artificially good. Yes, taking my medication is necessary. Yes, coffee is helpful. But to accept where I’m at. This mediation reminded me that I needed to slow down. It was simple, this medication was to to remind oneself that breathe and breathing is the essence of life. I started to cry half way through. The tears were a mix of how grateful I am for where I am but they were also tears of release. An acknowledgement of how hard I have been working. The type of hard work that people don’t see. The private kind. How incredibly proud I am of myself. Today I am grateful for my strength, courage and commitment to my health, wellbeing and happiness.
I’ve had a few questions...
Lately I’ve had to have a lot more one on one conversations with myself asking some serious questions, and decisions are hard to make and even more hard to make an educated decision, after all that’s the closest I feel I can get to the ‘right’ one. Sometimes I’m a bit skeptical because I tend to lend my emotions overrun my life so I don’t wanna put full trust in my whimsical heart that thing falls for everything.
Day 21
My phone broke and it’s been over a week since my last mindfulness session. I’ve been so.. tense and worried. Why though? Financially I’m the best I have ever been. Work is work but I enjoy it. Perhaps the lack in workouts is affecting me too. I miss being silly with Kaylee. This one helped bring me back to right now. Happy holidays Sending love
If we take the time to think, breath is everything. What an amazing feeling to know that I’m never alone. I have all the components of being myself, so how can i be alone? Impossible! The universe is beautiful.
Gratitude for Breath
Be grateful for life giving breath. I am reminded that my body knows how to breath and keep me alive without me stressing and worrying over it. This is how I should be living my entire life. By just being!
I take my breath for granted
Be thankful for everything I have, even something as simple as breath
The air we breath
We do take our breath for granted, just as water gives us life so does oxygen feed our brain and body. Sometimes we just forget how important it is to just take a few deep breaths and appreciate it.
It’s helps to center and focus on what I strive for myself and others. In a way it reminds me of a vibration u would feel in music or a sudden beat that starts and changes
Gratitude for breath
If we pay attention we see how our body just is and works, no need to check with us. It just does.
Nice little session today
Didn't sleep much last night...I tend not to when I have appointments scheduled the next day. Later on today I meet my friend/client/daughter’s school teacher/LEGO robotics co-coach to discuss some ongoing scopes of work for her! I'm excited and trepidacious that I'll be able to accomplish what she needs done! It'll also change our relationship when I have to charge her for my professional help! I'd LOVE to be able to help her for free, but that’s not tenable any longer! I've GOT to work again and start bringing in some actual income for my family! It's time.
Grateful for Being Alive
I learned to be grateful for everything and everyone in my life that includes my own life. I also learned not to take things for granted and not to complain whenever something goes wrong in my life
Grateful for fate
It’s funny because I was having a really crap day and was not feeling good about life and I decided to open up aura and they always know what I need to hear I’m grateful for fate and for living especially through the hard days :)
Never alone
Breathing does give life and how can we feel alone when we are breathing every moment, giving ourself life. Powerful. Thank you for that perspective.
Gratitude for the present
This is beautiful & grounding meditation to help bring our awareness back to the present. Gratitude for the gift of our health & awareness of how powerful our breath truly is.