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Gratitude - 11 Things to Be Grateful For

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
A focus on 11 areas to be grateful for. Keeping up a regular gratitude practice is scientifically proven to enhance our happiness and wellbeing. Many people chase the feeling of abundance in their external world when in fact it lives within us. A heart-warming way to start your day.
From the community
11 reflections
So many things I am grateful for
My life is so full of people that I am grateful for. I recently slipped into a dark place and through meditation I have a greater appreciation for who I can be when I am fully grounded through the earth into the universe. Cowabunga namaste!
There are so many things to be grateful for but it seems very easy to lose sight of this when I’m in a whirlwind of shit. Great to connect with this early in the morning.
Change in Perspective
When we take a few moments to think of the people and things we do have in our life, we immediately receive a boost of happiness and energy. This simple change in perspective makes us realize that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. In this wonderful meditation, we cultivate the wonderful experience of gratitude. In doing so, we begin the process of rewiring our brain to see more abundance in our lives rather than lack. Being guided through 11 different topics, I thought of a variety of things I am grateful for. Finding a smile on my face and feelings of pure joy in my heart for the abundance I have in my life, this gratitude practice had my entire Being shining with light after. Because these 11 different topics really opened my eyes to things I hadn’t thought of before where I can find gratitude in, I will adopt some of these in my own gratitude practice. Especially with social media, it can be quite easy to see what everyone else has and then feel some sort of lack when we look at our own life. Whether we realize it or not, we all have the something(s) and someone(s) in our own life in which we can find gratitude for. It’s this simple change in perspective where we realize something. The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. In fact, by practicing gratitude, we usually find that our grass is pretty lush and green right in front of our own eyes. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Gratitude is the multiplier of beneficence. Have it and the world is better!! 🌺🐚🍀
Keeping up a regular gratitude practice is scientifically proven to enhance our well being. Gratitude helps us feel more positive emotions,relish good experiences,and has the ability to improve our health. Over time it rewires our brain to see our life is full of abundance. This heartwarming meditation has us focus on 11 different areas of our life that we can find one thing we are grateful for. As I reflect on these different areas of my life, a strong feeling of abundance washes over me. My smile continues to grow as well as feelings of positive energy radiate through my entire being. I am grateful for this new day. A day filled with new possibilities. May you find gratitude in your day! Peace and blessings to all.🙏❤️🍀
Contemplative Breakfast
Lovely way to enjoy my morning tea and toast while reflecting on the abundance in my life. Thank you.
Siu Yen
Grateful for all that I have
This meditation is simply wonderful and heartwarming. I loved the reasons behind each of the 11 areas. I did get a bit tearful in a few of the areas as it brought up memories of my late father but it’s also a lovely way to remember him. I’m very grateful for what I have and this is a great reminder to not take things - no matter how big or small for granted.
The grass is not always greener. 🙏❤️🙏
I learned that we all have different perspectives regarding gratefulness and Dr. Ben Carson is a wonderful person who summed this up brilliantly!
Marques Pizarro
A positive mind
I learned that I sometimes am hard on myself. I realize my thoughts can be my worst enemy. I found beauty in all moments, events in life. The pain of a memory has made me who I am today. The awareness that not everyone has what I think is normal, such as food, a home, a family. I am grateful for everything I experience. Thank you. ❤️
Beautiful way to start…
Still new to meditation and mindfulness… this is a beautiful way to help me start the day, the week ahead and I will try to keep this mindset with me throughout the day. I feel lighter and want very much to have that with me when my mind goes back to the usual focus that usually has much less positive perspective.
Be grateful
Wonderful practice not only to start your day, but end your day as well. After a long, tiring day it’s nice to remind yourself of what’s good in your life. Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you!