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Grateful Morning

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Let the stillness of a new day fill your heart with gratitude and openness.
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7 reflections
Every new day is a gift. Visualizing sitting on a beach watching the sun rise over the horizon, I breathe in this golden light. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face spreading throughout my body nourishing my mind, body, and spirit. As I slowly greet this new day, my intention will be to live in an awakened state as I go about my day. I will pause with a couple of deep breaths while taking in the good. By doing this, I will continue to enrich my soul. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. And, I’m feeling good.
Light of a New Day
Every morning light of a new day begins to engulf the darkness from the night before. Birds awaken and fill the silent space with beautiful songs. The glory of a new dawn. What a spectacular gift we are given. In this beautiful meditation, we appreciate this new day with setting an intention to live this day awakened to the gift that it is. As I stood in front of the vast ocean, I watched the sky turning from a midnight blue to a vibrant orange. The sun would soon be coming to kiss the darkness goodbye. As it rose above the horizon, a glistening line formed over the ocean. Feeling connected to the warmth of the sun, I began to wake up from the inside out. With my cells activated, I felt a smile form on my face as I set my intention for this new day. May I awaken to the gift that this day is! With my heart beaming with joy, love and peace, yes...I will. Namaste 😃❤️☮️
Marques Pizarro
Awake and Grateful for Today
During this session, I realized how beautiful my life is. How I love my work, my connections with others… and myself. This is a superb meditation to start any day!
At Ease and Fully Alive
Every day is a gift. A new beginning. A chance to start over. In this beautiful meditation, we awaken to this new day. Sitting in an upright position, I took in 3 cleansing breaths and then allowed my breathing to go back to its natural rhythm. I visualized myself sitting on a beach, looking out at the vastness of the ocean before me. watching the sky turn from yellow to orange. As the sun began to rise above the horizon, a stream of golden light illuminated across the ocean to me. Feeling an instant connection with the sun, I felt my heart begin to stretch inside the center of my body. Awakened to this new day, I listened to my heartfelt intentions for this new day. As I placed my hand over my heart, I silently said to myself, may I live today awake to the gift that this day is. Repeating this heartfelt message to myself, I take full responsibility for how I wish to live this beautiful new day; at ease and fully alive! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Today is a gift..
I need to be present ..and breath in each moment of the day…
First meditaion
I learned that im easily distracted during meditation: heard the puppy, outdoor sounds etc
Finally made it?!
I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of clearing my mind during meditation and feeling how I expected to feel. It’s only taken about 2+ years for the mind to catch up with the body 😂
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