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Grateful Heart Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Gratitude and breathing are two of the most important things to stay focused on to stay alive and thriving on this planet. In this meditation, you are going to put your full presence, power, and focus on both of them! So if you're feeling depressed, down on your luck, stressed out, uninspired or you're just looking for gratitude, breath infusion, then this meditation is the perfect medicine for this here new moment.
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11 reflections
Monday Meditation
I learned that being positive and grateful does not mean that life is easy. There will always be challenging people, difficult decisions and uncertainty. That I am in control of how I respond and react. I am beyond blessed to be given a chance for change. I am beyond blessed for how many people love, care and support me. I am beyond blessed for being with someone that sees me for who I am. I am beyond blessed that I can wake up in the morning and have everything I need.
I heard another guide than this one put it like this, “Gratitude is straightest road to happiness. I loved this. It is the perspective I practice. Namaste
This morning I chose a gratitude meditation because I am so grateful that the power came back on. This black out was only a little more than 12 hours but last night they had told us we might not get electricity back until Friday night. When the power came back on I was so grateful it was like a load had been taken off my shoulders. For the past week we have been receiving warnings from the power company they were going to do this but there’s never anything very specific. The notices only say we may turn off your power. So even though the power was only off this time for about 12 hours it’s the uncertainty beforehand and the need to prepare that is very disruptive. Anyway its a huge relief to have the power back and to not be cold. This is a nice meditation that I will come back to. 😊🌻
Energy of Gratitude
Breathing and being grateful are two ways that link us to the present moment. Throughout this amazing meditation, Bradley has us counting our blessings in our lives leaving us with a smile on our face and full of positive energy. I began breathing in gratitude for all the little things I have in my life, for they make my life more comfortable. I began breathing in gratitude for all of the people that are in my life, for they support and encourage me to be my best. I began breathing in gratitude for the difficult people in my life, for they give me an opportunity to understand and grow. I began breathing in gratitude for the difficult times, for they give me an opportunity to learn and remind me that all things in life are impermanent. Finally, I began breathing in gratitude for my body, for it is the physical vessel for my soul and ultimately gives me the ability to live. Indeed, this energy of gratitude anchors us to this present time in our lives. It reminds us that All of Life should be Celebrated and it reminds us to Give Thanks for All We Do Have in This Life. Thank you Bradley for this awesome meditation! This is definitely a meditation that I will be coming back to again and again! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻
Being alive
I am grateful for being alive because I have multiple medical illnesses. So yes glad I am alive and breathing still.
Amazing spirit booster! Loved it- helped me out of my funk
Learned that you can choose happy by doing simple things like a gratitude meditation.
I feel refreshed and content
It only takes a few moments to give yourself serenity and clarity
While meditating on this infusion of breath and gratitude, I felt such a powerful and exuberant and uplifting feeling of appreciation for all of the things and people in my life that I have, and for the experiences I have insofar had that have so far moulded me into this person. I felt imbued with a warm openness to the things I’m currently struggling with as well, and in seeing them under that brighter light, they ceased being as daunting. The drums in background really added to this feeling of exuberance. Thank you for this gratitude meditation. Namaste.
I Will Remain Grateful
In the midst of life’s hardest moments there is still so much for me to be grateful for. When I feel like the problem that stands in front of me may have me feeling like everything is wrong.... I just remember, remember that I have so much more that I have been blessed with. Blessed in learning to love myself completely, blessed in providing myself with an amazing over flow of happiness. Blessed for such a strong support system in family and friends. After listening to this message I’m even grateful for the hard life lesson or even just grateful for the unexpected change in my life. I now have a new prospect on what can I learn from this, how can I adjust and not allow it to control my emotions? What lesson can I take from this to apply to my life moving forward. Through it all I say and thank you and continue to always try to remember to stay grateful and stand by my quote I’ve put up in my room “Give it to God and go to sleep”. 💜 Grateful and perseverance is where I shall remain!
This was a positive and powerful meditation! Through breath I brought in positivity and greatfulness!
There was this small tense moment when I looked at myself and met myself like a friend. It really to
I learned that gratitude can be found anywhere, in every circumstance or person and it's simple. We just have to open our hearts and look.
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