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Grand Rising: Self-Awareness Meditation

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Dorina Owindi
Healing Coach & Healing Facilitator
Setting one's intention first thing in the morning has been said to boost your productivity for the day. Visualizing how you would like your day to look and practicing gratitude can boost your mood for the day. This meditation allows you to have a moment to infuse positivity into your day.
From the community
5 reflections
So so beautiful 🤩
This is by far one of the most beautiful meditations on this app and there are a fair few that meet that title! So calming and soothing it really made my heart sing and especially today on my birthday! Will be doing this one again for sure! Feel so calm, alive and free now!
Marques Pizarro
Peaceful and Productive
Very beautiful session! I love the inhaling of self-mastery and exhalation of self-sabotage. This reminded me that we can create our reality through our actions, our thoughts, our values.
I loved all of the breathing in of good things and releasing on the exhale of bad things.
Felt frustrated and rushed
The breathing portions went by way too fast and there was too much to keep in mind. Each second was a different breathe in breathe our cycle with a different visualization and honestly, by the end, I was very frustrated and less calm than when I started
Favorite place
I realized today my favorite place is a place in myself, not a physical location. Sitting in that space was refreshing.