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Goodnight To The Senses With Gratitude

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Susy J Nayak, PhD
Holistic Therapist & Hypnotherapist
Say Goodnight to the 5 Senses. Goodnight to the Eyes and something beautiful you saw today. Goodnight to the Nose (smell), Mouth (taste), Ears (hearing), and Skin (touch). Get grounded in your body by noticing your senses. Feel gratitude by remembering positive sensory experiences from the day. Then say Goodnight to things in your environment. After that, experience a light-filled progressive relaxation that allows the body to relax and let go. This meditation continues with positive suggestions like "Pulling in Goodness & Peace." and "Feeling Goodness within and without". This meditation is designed to help you fall into a deep sleep with the added benefit of noticing, feeling, and experiencing Goodness in your life.