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Good-Bye Pain Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
It's hard to be happy when in pain. This meditation is going to support you to connect to your breath, visualize healing, release pain or blocked emotions and to feel better than you are right now. Do this practice as often as needed. This too shall pass!
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10 reflections
Facing this pain
My heart hurts. I’m picturing my heart in a puddle of red. My kid-self, hunched over with her face in her knees, has new and fresh wounds. She just took a beating and has nowhere to go for comfort. She’s scared. And shaking. And can do nothing but cry and shake. She feels cold. She’s dirty. Her wounds are fresh and they hurt. She’s almost dead. She lays on her side in a fetal position, with her back against the wall. And just hugs herself because it’s the only relief she can find. This new pain and these new wounds were caused by myself. I let my hope rise and didn’t care for my heart along the way. I didn’t listen to what she was saying. I didn’t see her hurt. I didn’t even know I took a baseball bat to her until it was over. Until I felt the pain too. I need to figure out why I’m so hell-bent on hurting her. Why I am so angry with her that she can’t just get well on her own. Why she isn’t healed yet. All I can think of is neglect. I’m leaving her alone in this cold dark room and not coming in to check on her without also delivering a fresh wound. How do I learn to look at her with compassion again?
There is a depth of Pain so intense, complete silence is seemingly the only recourse. I bathe in this chronic pain daily. This meditation, although well intentioned, achieved little for me. I will use this meditation again, hoping it will at some point, help me.
I fell shameful for being noticed that I can’t take stuff from that box it’s for charity
I’m aware that it’s not supposed to give everyone and my conscience tells me that I should stop but what I can’t really do is stop doing this to myself. I’ve made progress that I took things I’m gonna eat not waste, I had done mental effort to push myself towards the limit. I wish it could be a better situation for me to avoided being told in front of people and insulted. Yes that’s the point I’m feeling insulted by stressing the wrongdoing of me. It’s unfair and immoral though I’ve decided it’s the last time I’ll quit soon. Think about what a wonderful year it would be in twenty twenty. I’ll fall in love again with myself. I should console me with the greatest patience and tolerance. My last black tooth is worsened I must save it. I’ll train abs attract for six pack in the summer. I got time for this, all I can do is just not forget. What I can eat everyday is limited and my life habit should be shaped regularly. I will beat this. I will survive and be stronger thereafter. Meditation and yoga is never harmful, do as much as I can
Pain Meditation
I have a sinus headache tonight which is what lead me to this meditation. However, I think this one is more for if you are dealing with emotional pain that you are having a hard time working through. I did find this session relaxing which helped ease my headache a bit. It also helped ease the tension I was feeling in my shoulders and lower back. Great session!
The Visualisation
Manifested words in my mind. The gold I offered is now for me. I’m awake . Thank you 👍
Peaceful and Confident
Cons: The inhales were a bit too lengthy for me, and I felt stiff and suffocated. Pros: Since we were allowed to choose any colors, I chose a soft sunshine for desired feelings and a harsh red for pain. The visualization of a soft golden light washing away a harsh red one helped me embrace positive emotions and thoughts. After concluding the meditation, I felt peaceful and confident.
Going through a bad patch. I think the pain is trying to tell me I have to break some cycles I keep repeating. Same cycles, same challenges. A good short practice to listen to.
Having knee pain, breathing to the pain really helped me manage the pain. Breathing in new life energy and letting go, bringing awareness to the pain brought peace and calm.
To listen to what it is telling me, to surround the pain with love and light.
Seeking to Understand
I learned that it can be helpful to try and see what our physical pain might be trying to tell us. In really slowing down and listening to our bodies we can be in a better place to understand that our pain can manifest from or be connected to our emotions and thoughts.
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