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Good Morning - Looking Forward to Good Things Today

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We can really set the tone for the day right at the beginning, by thinking of good things we're expecting today. Even just small things - enjoy the anticipation!
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11 reflections
A nice way to begin the day
This was such a nice way to approach the start of a rainy Monday. It’s nice to be reminded to seek the good things around us and look forward to them, even if it’s something little.
Start your day with this....
A great way to start your day is to think about the good things in life. Gratitude has been the key to my my healthy state of well being... Even if it takes you just 2 mins. Before you get out of bed, be grateful. Think about things that make you happy. It’s the best way to take charge of your day. You have the power to choose. Choose to focus on the good things. And more good things will come your way.
“It’s so easy. . .”
. . . many might remember these lyrics to an older song. This phrase came to mind, after listening to this meditation. All we have to do is think of one thing we are looking forward to today- it doesn’t have to be any thing big or earth shattering. Abby (my English Mastiff) and I just came in from a walk in which we got caught in an unexpected cloudburst. She has been toweled and I am in dry clothes, so for me - I am looking forward to waffles drizzled with maple syrup. A splurge for my tastebuds! “It’s so easy. . .” Now I am going to have that song running through my head! 😜
Little Things
This meditation is wonderful to start your day with. Look to the little things in your day to bring you gratitude and joy. Enjoy the pleasant things that happen to you. Have a beautiful day! ❤️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
A nice & easy session that helped me to un-focus off all the stress of the things that Need done on my “to do” list today and focus on the Joy that will come from dong a couple small things that I Want to get done. Totally changed my perspective of the busy day ahead and now I am looking forward to it. Thanks Cherish for finding & commenting on this one! ❤️☮️🍀
Very relaxing
I found this relaxing even though I have trouble visualization my “perfect day “. The teacher’s voice is so soothing that I wouldn’t advise listening to this if you’re tired,😀
Finding the good
A helpful practice this morning to find the small things I’m looking forward to. A bit difficult due to anxiety, but overall great to remind myself that there’s so many small things in life that bring joy.
I need to appreciate even the small things that make me happy.
To always keep in mind the good things you’re looking forward to, big or small, because there’s always something.
There’s always something to look forward to in any given day
Looking ahead
I learned (I should say relearned) that there is something to look forward to everyday, I just have to take the time to notice it.
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