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Good Morning Abundance

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Start your day right with gratitude and abundance in your heart. Affirmations: I begin every day with gratitude and this multiplies my abundance. I am happy, healthy, and grateful for all the abundance I already have. I am a shining beacon of light that attracts even more abundant good into every area of my life. I am worthy of all the goodness and abundance that life has to offer...and I am open to receiving it now. With a hand over your heart center...claim your abundant good now... Peace be with you...Namaste
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I started
I learned that I can change my patterns with small steps that take little effort.
Gratitude and abundance 3-min audio
I learned that I don’t have to continue feeling hurt and put downs by someone so love. I can choose to focus on gratitude and abundance instead.
Affirm our Goodness
There is truly goodness and kindness and love within each of us, we need to have faith in this. Namaste