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Golden Light Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A practice from the yoga tradition, imagining golden light bathing us from the inside can give us the most delightful feeling of warmth and care - and you can do this for yourself!
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I may have done this one before. 3 minutes seems very to go by very quickly in this meditation. Feeling with golden healing light is a great idea.
Walter J
I loved this session! I was feeling a bit anxious and had a headache when I started. Then I started breathing in this magical golden light elixir that she was talking about. It soothes me at first by calming down by lungs. Then I could feel each breathe layering on top of the last layer like coats of paint protecting an old weathered wooden door and making it beautiful again. A few more breathes, a few more golden coats and then the layers start to melt into my body making it all young, fresh and beautiful like a brand new wooden door, freshly sanded and painted for the 1st time. The golden breathe of life!!! Aura has done it again - Thanks!!
I am a sun
Amber light twists and swirls through my body, pulsating its tendrils throughout me, a core of molten gold at my centre. I am a sun, shining my light outwards, it curls and flickers brightening my soul, my very being caresses and soothes my nerves. We are all suns, the centre of our universes and yet so much more, part of a greater whole, we dance our solos yet when seen from above our movements are in unison, perfectly timed and executed. Our lights radiate and blur into each others to make beams so pure and glowing we are a beacon of hope shining out into the universes.
Golden Light
Jiva’s soothing voice guides you to visualize breathing in a golden light that spreads through out your body. I visualized myself sitting outside in my backyard breathing in the warm sunshine. This gave me a feeling of warmth and positive energy all throughout my body. With each inhale, I could feel my body becoming more energized, grounded, as well as seeing this golden light creating a protective layer from any negative energy. Wonderful session to begin my day with. Will definitely revisit this one. Wishing all of you a wonderful day!💫🍀🙏😀✌️
Jiva, yes, golden! Colors always work well for me, enhance, embellish practice, reading, writing, walking, sleeping. Thanks.
Bathed in Light
When we take some time to connect with our breath, we become present with what is. When we visualize breathing in a color on our inhale, we invite energy into our body. In this wonderful meditation, Jiva has us visualize a golden light on our inhale and by doing so, inviting soothing, yet energizing vibes into our body. With one hand on my chest and the other on my belly, I became aware of my breath. Having this body-mind connection, I checked in with any areas of my body that were holding tension. After a few breaths of focusing on letting go of any tension, I began to visualize breathing in a vibrant golden light. After a few moments of breathing in this vibrant golden light, I was feeling soothing waves of loving kindness enter my body. After a few more moments of breathing in this vibrant golden light, I was feeling energetic waves enter my body. Having been bathed in this vibrant golden light, I am filled with warmth, energy and gratitude. Thank you, Jiva! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Keep it up
I need to keep up my meditation practice as it does make a difference.
This was exactly what I needed as I sat in my car with the Florida morning sunshine coming in my window 🌞
I have often struggled with golden light meditations. This one was perfect! Calm and relaxed with not an ounce judgement or pressure. Thank you Jiva!
This meditation helped me to feel serene and rested, such a lot from such a quick practice. Thank you.
Golden light
As I kept breathing in, I found myself smiling more and more. I feel much better. Thank you
Slowing down
I felt relaxed and ready for my day. Taking care of myself feels good again.
Meditating for 3
Three minutes go by in a flash. It’s great to tune in and feel the light within and then reopen the eyes having paused to connect with the light that is within all of us. 💕🙏🏻
Golden light
I connected to this meditation. Not fully, but I'm getting there. I have music in the background from an Aura cleansing mantra used to unblock all 7 chackras. Including visual. I'm finding a lot of resources out there with Aura as my core. I must explore today. Yesterday and last night weren't very good. I want to shake off some things that won't serve me. Also, I have things that may be just sitting inside me that are blocking my progress. I think I may need to deal with them.
Walter J
I imagine I am at the beach, during the summer, watching the sunrise. Feeling the warm breeze caress my skin, I relax and turn my focus on the beautiful golden light… allowing it to fill up my lungs with each deep in-breath. I hold it a double beat & let the air out slowly. I feel my body tingle as the air makes it way out while the light has stayed in me and it is now starting to flow through my veins enriching me as it moves. I take another deep breathe feeling my lungs getting lighter & brighter and I think I am starting to glow… What a tremendous feeling! Radiating warm, glowing light to the world… I am one with the sun… as I feel it deep in my chest I realize it is not from my lungs, but from my heart that it is coming… My Love Light is shining once again!! 🌅🌞💛 Why not join me and turn on your Love light & let it shine too!!! 🌟🌕🍀
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