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Go To Sleep With Gratitude

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Studies have shown that consciously practicing gratitude at bedtime leads to longer and sounder sleep. Gratitude promotes relaxation by shifting a busy or worried mind into a more positive state. In this meditation, you'll imagine you are floating on peaceful waters while warm waves of gratitude wash over you, lulling you into a deep sleep.
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Why I created this meditation
I’m someone who has a history of difficulty staying asleep. But when I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s gratitude and affirmations that get me back to sleep. When I introduce thoughts of gratitude, before long I sense relaxation wash over me. That’s what inspired the imagery in this meditation of floating on peaceful waters as wave after wave of gratitude washes over you and lulls you to sleep. May this meditation bring you a peaceful night sleep tonight!🙏
Breathing out
Breathing in is easy, but after the first 2 min it was less of a chore to breathe out
Walter J
Slowing down my breathing allowed me to relax & spread my body out into a thin layer over a large lake like area. I could feel the calm water gently caress my body keeping it afloat. My gratitude images started to come into focus, washing up all around & eventually onto me... each one wanting to get some attention, like little puppy dogs yearning to be petted. As I looked at each one I felt a warm tingle inside. As they kept washing over me I could start to sense a warmth all over my body & a big smile on my face. Slowing my breathing down further made it all last longer as I rode the peaceful waves up & down on what kind of seemed like a horse on a Merry-go-round carousel. The slow motion allowed me to re-experience my gratitude moments and appreciate them again, but on an even deeper level. Which seemed to attract even more things to be grateful for. I am happily ready to go to sleep now... Thanks Aura for another nice session! ❤️🎠🍀
Sleep and Relax
I felt more relaxed and less worried about my little problems
Not sleep or relaxed
I’m feeling not sleepy or relaxed right now I feel like I have a lot of things on my mind Just don’t know what . I’m try listen to some music or sounds to help me relax.
I have always tried to go to sleep on a positive note finding something however small to be grateful for, but to quiet my mind and to stop it going off on tangents has been a struggle for me at times. I did the 7min version of this last night as I settled in my bed and my mind still tried to wander, but then having the guidance helped to bring me back to gratitude and relaxed breathing each time. Definitely one of my favourites so far.
Good times in pandemic
I focused on the good times instead of the world falling apart around me 6/24/20
I felt gratitude for he new friends I have made and for the friends and family that support me
One day I fail my exam my feeling very sad and not good my score very bad when I came home my mom and dad don’t happy with me and make me so lonely and after day I think why my score so bad I think again and again and I fine solution and then I think I must be make my self to study heard don’t play a lot and spend time to do anything can’t develop my mind when I study heard can make me success in my life.
Being present
For the first time in a long while, I felt present in the moment and able to block out my normal continuous stream of thoughts that consist of worrying and planning for the future.
Peaceful Waters; Waves of Gratitude
I liked thinking of people I am grateful for and imaging that gratitude being a wave that washes over me. I really resonate with water and enjoyed this because of that connection.
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