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Getting in the Study Zone (YOUTH)

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Have an important test coming up? It's proven that meditation improves our ability to remember details and retain information. This meditation is meant to get you in the zone before you study. Enjoy and good luck with whatever you're studying for!
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Study ready
With everything that is going on with the virus, being on lockdown and caring for my grandmother as well, I have fallen a little behind in my studies. Finding the motivation to do them is difficult, and now knowing the semester begins again tomorrow even though we are still on lockdown, I am finding myself feeling anxious. Especially knowing more course content will be coming through. Trust me to leave everything to the last minute! Although I do better work under pressure, it still isn’t a good position to put myself in given the negative and stressed emotions I feel coming out of it. Learning to be on top of things was a big goal of mine this year and I was accomplishing it well until the lockdown came into action. If this has taught me anything, well it’s just reminded me that life still happens. Crazy things can happen at any given time and it’s about learning to adapt with those crazy things, rather than feeling the world is ending. I have completed 31 days of meditation today, feeling as though that is my “month milestone”. Feeling I can move on it bigger goals now 😁 happy Sunday everyone ❤️
Testing anxiety
Testing anxiety only adds another layer of challenge and crap to a cluttered mind. Zen mind….
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