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Getting Healthy: the Big Picture

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
Getting healthy often takes more than changing just one aspect in your life. I overview all the most important aspects of getting healthy.
From the community
23 reflections
Getting healthy does involve different areas. Sadly, the 3 min version of this abruptly cuts off after just two. She made good points. Would have liked to have heard more.
Move yo body!
I learned that movement doesn’t necessarily equate to exercise and I can get creative in terms of incorporating different types of movement throughout my entire day and not just at the gym. I also learned that I have to do an elimination diet for 30 days to figure out the food that make me feel stronger and when I do that will be the diet or the lifestyle eating that is right for me.
The big picture
So nice to hear someone say that getting healthy should be what feels right for you and your body. We are all different so we each have different needs. Whether it is your diet or how you move your body you have to find what works for you. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others. All that really matters is how YOU feel.
Working on a healthier lifestyle
I realize as I listened to this lecture that I’ve already tackled many of the areas that the instructor covered. I don’t have a air or water filter but the air quality here is good and I drink bottled spring water. I should focus on practicing mantras and self affirmations on a daily basis instead of just every now and then. I’ve started to stop being so dependent on my iPhone. I’m using airplane mode more frequently and leave my iPhone in my locker at work more often. I’m still spending too much time with apps or surfing the internet in the evening before bedtime, that’s turning out to be my most difficult challenge. I just need to break the habit and reading a paperback isn’t the solution for me, that causes me to think too much. I might try my adult coloring book, it’s relaxing and helps clear my mind. It would definitely reduce insomnia, the area I most need to improve. I just don’t ever get enough sleep 💤
Walter J
Lawfull Living...
I agree & do a lot of what she says. Here’s Walter J’s list: I believe a diet of 75-80% veggies & fruits is key for most everyone. Move enough to get these nutrients TO & toxins FROM all parts of your body. Drink enough (1/2 your weight in oz) filtered or fresh water (not city w/ fluoride or chlorine) to flush entire system daily. Think & speak positively 90-95%+ of the time, especially self talk & affirmations. Either Change what stresses you, adapt to it or change your mindset about it, & do NOT Criticize, Condemn or Complain about anything! Focus on what is good, what is right & what needs done. Have gratitude for all things, people & outcomes. Rest, recuperation and sleep should be dictated by what your body tells you it needs at the time. Limiting electronics use is smart - I choose low tech over high tech whenever possible. Most importantly- Love is from the Divine & is the highest vibration we can experience, so tune into it as much as possible starting with ourselves. Only then can we love our neighbors as ourselves. ❤️☮️🍀
Speed Coaching. . .
I am grateful that I chose the 3 minute segment. I have heard of speed dating but never speed coaching. The “coach” was talking sooooo fast that I realized I had just been introduced to speed coaching, however.
The big picture
Each person is different when it comes to their health needs. You need to find the best options for you
Great ideas
I like that this is a broad idea of health, finding what works for you, not trying to sell a specific diet or plan.
big picture
this gave me something different to listen to this morning and a few ideas i can try out in my day. she gives good points for how a diet or being healthy should be tailored to Y O U. Its a good reminder that it should work for you and its okay to be different from others
How important to actually be aware of all the aspects of Life that influence health. Need to listen to this one again and take notes.
I have always believed when getting healthy or healing the body you have to look at it as a whole. I believe it does take making a lifestyle change to see the big picture. And for everyone this is different. She offers some great tips for diet, movement, relationships, stress, and environment.
Healthy comes from a lot of different factors. Not dieting but finding the right diet. Not exercise but movement. Relationships. Adequate sleep. Many factors so acknowledge the little wins each day
Find and remember my tribe, people who make me feel safe , not to impress , happy and relax and fun
Great Session
Really enjoyed Getting Healthy! The information was simple, factual and relayed with warmth and humor. It helped me update my plan for improving my overall health!
I will feel much healthier when I don’t have to play with a bunch of apps anymore.
The Best Medicine
Shelley Barker.... I leaned on a brick and mortar idea that if you could go back and rebuild that foundation it would create more space for future development. 2020 is a test of time.
Realistic habits
Really liked this session. Focused on realistic, individualized habits and plans. Short version unfortunately
This recording has useful information, but starts and ends abruptly 🙉
Being healthy is vital and so is sleep both a essential for me! I need to figure out what food and sleep schedule hours my body needs
I liked this talk on ways to exercise properly. It did end abruptly. However, I did get some helpful tips.
What I learned
Movement, do it with purpose and intent and you will receive benefits.
Getting healthy
I loved this session. It has such good information. I never realized how important health is in the big picture. Your suggestions and information have already helped me. I didn't know i had already listened to this. I have been using several items you mentioned and i am thriving! Thank you.
jess 🧡
this snippet was a really good reminder of setting goals and improving overall health. much needed!