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Get To The Root of Your Bad Habits

7 Min
Life Coaching
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Ally Rose
Integrative Life & Wellness Coach
Sometimes bad habits are just patterns that can be broken through increasing your self-awareness and having the determination to stop, but sometimes you're doing things for reasons that aren't obvious on the surface level. In this session, I'll offer guidance to help you get to the root of your bad habits so that you can change them.
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Bad habits
Mine is much deeper than a bad habit. I'm continuing to make a bad decision to engage with a toxic person. A violent person. An ex.
My bad habit started to reduce stress and feel sleepy enough to avoid conversation and the through social norms just became a habit. Glass of wine at dinner and another to go to bed.
I learned that my fear of stress created more stress so I just kept up the habit mindlessly. I intend to think first if I really want that wine ( I don’t really even like red wine) and instead deal with the fear and replace the habit with something the wiser me knows is better- tea and more time breathing