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Get Present & Be Here Now

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This simple 5 minute guided meditation guides the listener to arrive in the present moment and use the mantra I Am Here Now to help cultivate focus and presence. 
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Here now
I really enjoyed this new meditation this morning. I have been unable to keep my head and mind clear enough to genuinely meditate, after the hurricane, until I tried this practice. The mantra kept pulling me back into the meditation and away from distractions. It works very well for me and I am most grateful. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
Steady breathing 🌬
I’m here now but just barely bc I didn’t get the full 8 hours l needed. Still it’s a good way to get the fuzziness out of my head. Steady breathing in and out repeating the mantra, I AM HERE NOW! I AM HERE NOW! Thanks 🙏 Aura
Get present
We learn how to use the mantra “I am here now” as a way to help us focus and be present. You can say it silently to yourself with the rhythm of your breath. I will use this during the day to help myself be present.
Cassandra teaches us how to be present any time during the day by using the simple mantra “I am here now” while breathing. 🙏♥️🙏
After completing this meditation, I feel centered and grounded. A good one for me to remember. Perfect mantra.
Great Memories
I was reminded of the time when my kids all performed in Seussical The Musical for our school district! The Whos in Whoville got Horton the Elephant’s attention from their microscopic wisp clutched in his trunk by calling out in unison ”We are here!””We are here!””We are here!”
For me
I realize that this type of meditation is definitely for me because it gives me something to focus on that I’m not exactly focusing on, if that makes sense. Mantras keep me on track in a very gentle way.
I like using this montra and may try this more on my own. It seems to help me focus while breathing and I can see how this could benefit me at a bad time as well. This would help me focus on the moment when I am not in a good space
Present Moment Awareness
Reciting the mantra “I am here now” can help bring you back to the present moment when your mind is wandering as well as help you to reconnect with your breath. When you inhale say silently “I am “ and on the exhale “here now”. Our breath is always there as an anchor to help center ourselves. I am feeling centered and ready to start my day. Sending well wishes to all!🤗🍀🙏❤️
I really like this montra and I have enjoyed using this meditation. It’s helpful to me to have a few short meditations I like using when time is short. It helps keep me going even if I’ve got a busy day ahead
That I am here now...
Centers my mind and breath a great release technique to bring me to a state to start and create my new day! With gratitude!!
Get Present and be here now
I am looking forward to getting 2 specific things done today. These two things (lack of completion) have brought significant anxiety to my life. I am looking forward to meeting this head on, knowing it’s completion will bring peace