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Get Out of Your Head

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today's get out of your head' meditation will give you an opportunity to practice letting go of the avalanche of thoughts in your mind, so you can get out of your head and into the beauty of this present moment.
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Dissolving Thoughts
This morning I woke up with my mind ruminating with an avalanche of thoughts. Thoughts that were not helpful to my well-being. These thoughts were taking me out of the present moment. Listening to Katie’s soothing voice, I begin to focus on my breath. As I exhale, all of those past thoughts are swirling in front of me from a distance. As I continue to focus on my breath while tapping my fingers across my legs, those thoughts begin to fade away. My mind is completely still. I am brought back to the present moment. Thank you Katie for this excellent session! It was exactly what I needed this morning.
Getting out of my own way
Thoughts don’t define me. When negative thoughts arise, put them safely away from myself… they do t serve me. Chaos not welcome and they don’t define me.
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