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Gentleness & Forgiveness

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Lauren Ziegler
IAYT Yoga Therapist & Mindfulness Coach
We often get lost in daily assignments and forget about the beauty of the world. This meditation helps you open up yourself again.
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Cansada porque dormí poco
Estoy cumpliendo con lo que me comprometí en relación a ayuda a la Escuela
Morning meditation
I slept peacefully and woke peacefully. Understanding the power of meditation and prayer before getting out the bed.
Looking Inside of me
I know then I need to be in a place of forgiveness I am trying so hard I cry every night it’s not easy losing my husband of 25 years I’m so deeply depressed words can’t describe my sadness sometimes I feel worthlessSometimes I just want to die
Forgiving oneself
It felt good to offer myself forgiveness. It lifted my spirits before bed. So many times I am hard on myself. I find myself repeating over and over in my thoughts what I did wrong or was not perfect. Letting go is an important lesson that I will continue to work on. Forgiveness of myself and others in my life. Goodnight
Is the time I spend with me, to examine the state of my body, of my mind, of my soul. Before I loved myself, I took solitude as a lack of something, now I see it as an opportunity to replenish myself, as the necessary step to give me what I want to give those I love.
Go and give share a secret and feel the pull of the weight of Achilles this secret is feathers
Elisabeth C.
Gentleness & Forgiveness
I really enjoyed that but am frustrated with my inability to stay focused when people passed by outside and my boyfriend came in. I would like to try this again another day. For today, I have to be gentle with myself and exercise forgiveness.
Gentleness & Forgiveness
I really enjoyed that! I felt that I was completely inward & was able to loosen my jaw that was pounding because of a pain from a wisdom tooth
The sunrise hit my face like bears in a bee hide gorilla zoo trip
Soothing Saturday 12-23-17
Gentleness and Forgiveness. I am so glad I get to end my day with this this meditation. It allows you to forgive yourself for feelings, actions and/or thoughts. It allows you to be gentle with yourself in doing so. Tonight, a family member was riding my case about something and I finally had had enough and walked away but said something first. Later, I found out, my blood sugar (I am a diabetic) was at 60. So you see, there are reasons we do things. I ended up apologizing and it all worked out. Thank you, Aura! Good night, Everyone!😀
Gentleness and forgiveness
Why is it so easy to be gentle and forgive others but, not ourselves? Instead of being kind to ourselves we tend to fret and worry and ruminate about our faults. I will be mindful to resist this and instead give myself love and tenderness.
I learned forgiveness is important for my inner peace and for my spirit to become more gentle
Forgiving myself
I have the hardest time forgiving myself. It’s easy for me to expand compassion and love for others, but when it comes to me, I’m critical, judgmental, and mean. This meditation reminds me to continue to find ways to be gentle with myself and let go of judgments and expectations of who I think I should be and meet myself where I am, in this moment instead. By forgiving and learning to love myself, I know I become a better friend, daughter, and human being.
Late onset muscle soreness makes being mindful that much more difficult. When I pay attention to my body, it means that I feel the pain more acutely
Renewed and Content
It’s okay to forgive yourself and to accept that forgiveness. I feel like you can’t move forward in life without being connected to your inner self. This meditation definitely made me feel the connection in not just my thoughts and my head but also in my heart. I feel like I never give attention to either my brain or my heart and they deserve the attention for everything we put our minds and our hearts through. It just makes you feel so renewed and content with yourself. It definitely keeps you on that path of finding happiness within yourself, which is what I’ve been working on.
I couldn’t focus on this. I felt my mind wandering. I know it wasn’t the meditation causing it. I just couldn’t focus.
Next step
I haven’t forgiven all those who have hurt or disappointed me. I don’t think someone can love me forever. Love is selfish
forgiving myself
forgiving myself is so important. it makes me feel like i have a bit of peace of mind in this rocky world.
Being in tune with yourself is a pretty great way to relax. I turned this on once I had lied down in bed, and I ended up falling asleep before it ended.
I could focus on places of my body that hold a lot of tension. Breathing seems kind if hard. I get almost like a chocked up feeling and its hard to relax and concentrate.
This brought me to a quiet place... a place where I accepted a recent hardship... Very nice!
I remembered a time where I blamed myself
I sometimes blamed myself for things I couldn’t control, like the fear I’ve always had to drive. One day, my brother, dad and I were dropping off my brother at school. My brother and dad were leaving and my brother had said something to me. I leaned in and asked him what and my brother leaned in to repeat, but my Dad accidentally shut the car door and it hit my brother’s head. I blamed myself for not being able to drive, to say I want independence but not work hard enough to conquer my fear. I blamed my foolishness on asking my brother to repeat himself even though he was late. My brother was four.
Forgiving Myself
It feels good to be reminded that it’s not useful to be so hard on myself. I deserve forgiveness.
Today is my first session. I felt confused but I’m willing to try again.
Try again
My mind was too busy to appreciate this fully so I’d like to give it another chance.
There are things that you can’t change so you have to learn to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for ever making your mind worry about unimportant stuff. For making your body tired with the anxiety and tension. Forgive yourself and take baby steps to be a better and healthier, mind-tuned person.
Forgive Self
This meditation was different than I thought it would be, but not because the author misled me. You see, I didn’t read the introduction before listening to the recording. I was looking for thoughts about forgiving others and ended up here with ideas about forgiving myself. I think I somehow ended up exactly where I needed to be. It makes sense to learn about forgiving myself and let that be where ideas come from for forgiving others. Isn’t that where it all starts, with learning about myself first? Loving self before you can truly love others. Also, forgiving yourself so you have a better understanding of how to forgive others, and how good it feels to be forgiven. Most importantly, for me anyway, is that how hard you are on yourself is how hard you are on others. I am very hard on myself ! So, I shudder to think how hard it is for those I have JUDGED as needing my forgiveness. I don’t want anyone I love to feel that way. I have a lot of work to do. Thank you for pointing the way.