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Gentle Nature Sounds: Light Forest Rain

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
I love meditating outside, surrounded by the hum of the natural world. I was in the forest near a river when I heard this gently falling rain all around me. It brought me such peace, I wanted to share it with you. I hope these sounds bring you some peace and harmony as well!
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Peacefully Invigorating
It is a beautiful Spring afternoon here. I am sitting on a cushion in my backyard. I feel a slight gentle breeze brush against my skin which feels refreshing. I begin to inhale deeply to the count of 4…hold for a count of 4…and then slowly exhale to a count of 8. Thoughts of gratitude begin to fill my mind which makes me smile. I am grateful for this afternoon peace pause, making the time for myself to just be, and for a quiet and empty house to fully enjoy this time with no interruptions. I feel my body and mind begin to relax as I settle into breathing naturally. Listening to the soothing rain, my mind wanders back to one of my hiking trips I was on last year. I see the rejuvenated version of myself…smiling and waving for me to come join her. I decide to follow her and soon we become one. My mind becomes as clear as the blue sky. My spirit is peacefully invigorated. I am grounded. I am grateful for the healing energy of nature as well as this time to reconnect with my true self.
Nature Sounds
Beautiful. I found this very calming and soothing, I will be playing this often!😌
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