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Gentle Morning Wake Up Yoga

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Dakota Mays
Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Guide
This relaxing yoga routine is great for stepping into your body as you wake up in the morning!
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4 reflections
Waking up
I have the hardest time waking up, but moving for a couple minutes tells my brain I’m awake - will try to continue doing this.
Wake up yoga
This morning I woke up with a incredible amount of tension all throughout my right side. My automatic mind response to feeling this tension in my body, is anxiety. This morning meditation/yoga really did a great job at disrupting my automatic response to tension by doing a simple 5 minutes of yoga, the movement felt great and I came out of it more relaxed and with a more calm mind
Loved it
Great teacher, great teacher, felt good after a good a good sleep
Morning wake up stretch
Being a mom of two young kids, my yoga and health routine has been lacking. I forgot how much more energized and centered it can make you. This was perfect