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Gentle Morning - Self-Care Affirmations

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Ease into your morning gently and peacefully with this guided meditation. Allow yourself these few moments to rest, feel peaceful, and rejuvenate yourself.
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2 reflections
Relaxing meditation
This meditation reminded me to accept different ways, thoughts to think of ways to praise myself. Very good! My cat, though was being mischievous and knocked over my glass of water. I stopped myself from being angry to recognizing that this is what cats/kittens do. So, I calmed down immediately and continued meditating and will happily soak up the water from behind my headboard, along side of nightstand and rug between bed and nightstand👻 Good meditation!👍
Breath through it…
Today is my first day restarting a meditation practice after over a decade. I noticed that my mind was fighting against this meditation. I have been a caretaker for my mother with Alzheimer’s for about 5 years. I’m also a teacher in a large, urban public school system and a step-mom. Hyper-vigilance and anxiety has become my baseline. My anxiety actually increased initially with this meditation, but I chose to breathe with one hand on my chest and the other on my belly. I recognized my mind was fighting the suggestion that I can also take time for self-care and that I deserve it. This was one tiny step in the right direction. I will try this meditation again.