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Gentle Emotional Cleanse Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Emotions are like water. If they don't move, they get stagnant. Unfortunately, this day and age we tend to stay so busy that we rarely get a moemnt to acknowledge and be present with the heavier stuff. Days, months or years can go by without ever really processing some of the "bad stuff" that's happened in our lives. The truth is though, there are so many wonderful things to be sad about. Grief is normal. Grief is praising all that is meaningful to us. So instead of shying away from your emotions, perhaps take a few minutes to honour them, listen to them and let them have a voice. Your heart will thank you for giving it this release.
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8 reflections
I learned that it’s okay not to be okay all the time
I learned that You can’t hide from feelings they always come up. I learned that to make someone else happy you must be happy in yourself first
This was beautiful, I had said that I was feeling ok...but I ended up crying through this.
Sometimes when you say you’re ok You’re really not inside. Beautiful and patient meditation ❤️
This couldn’t have been better timing as tomorrow would’ve been my Mom’s 70th (whoa!) birthday. Giving myself permission to still grieve but also celebrate, not only my Mom but everyone that I have lost and reminding myself that that they are always with me in spirit and their memory will never die was incredible. Truly a blessing!
It’s okay to not be okay
I am struggling every day and I notice that I don’t cry much but I did today. I released part of my tension in trying to keep up and be brave. I don’t even notice when and what I’m holding inside of myself.
I feel like i haven’t been able to control my emotions lately it’s been so hard and life is stressful. I liked this meditation it helped me feel more balanced
Morning headache
I learned that my body was telling me it is time to stop and take a moment to recognize how I am feeling, and practice self-care. Feeling better after this meditation. It is a start!
Literally the best meditation I have done.
I am so aligned to this chap. So much gratitude to him. His voice, the music, the way he uplifts and most of all, managed to make me smile. I never smile, sadly.
Energetic emotion meditation.
I felt energized by this meditation. Love the music and the words that helped me release the stagnation of my emotions. Thank you. Peace, Love and healing light.
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