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Gentle Attention

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation emphases being gentle with redirecting attention.
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6 reflections
I was surprised by how difficult it was for me to be gentle with myself & quiet my mind to focus on my breath. This will definitely be a meditation to practice!
Gentle attention
Instead of being hard on oneself, be gentle as if you were a child. Just gently guide yourself back to your breath. My inner child can be so distracting!
Gentle Attention 💫🙏💫
A busy day lies ahead, so I wanted something short and easy. This meditation most certainly fulfilled that. What I especially loved about this meditation was the notion of being gentle, kind and compassionate with ourselves. If you need a gentle reminder to treat yourself with the same compassion and tenderness you would extend to others, this might resonate with you, too.💫💐💫
Self Kindness
I found this helpful to me after the busyness and confusion during the holiday season. Time to rest, recuperate, and practice some self care. This is a good reminder as to how we should treat ourselves.
Gentle Attention
Thank you for this meditation. I have been really rough on myself. The reminder to treat myself like a young child that I love really hit home.
Self compassion during meditation
I learned that when lose focus on my breathing during meditation practice, it’s a good idea to  Guide my mind back to my breath using kindness and  self -compassion. my normal tendency, when I meditate, is to force myself to engage in a particular meditation practice , until it is perfect. Now ,I know how to treat my mind with more kindness and respect. Thank you.