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Generating Alternative Thoughts

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We can't get rid of our thoughts, but we can generate more helpful and realistic thoughts. This exercise takes you through the process of Socratic questioning, which will help you to engage in more effective ways of thinking about a situation.
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5 reflections
I like the concept of fact checking thoughts as they arise. Especially the ones that have emotional pull. Considering them as something needing to be fact checked can in itself create space between me and the thought, while addressing its origin and weight. Thank you 🙏🏼
It’s me, not the person.
I learned that my anxiety towards Amanda and that situation isn’t about her. It’s about me. I feel like I failed her as a friend and I feel like I’m not a good friend.
Alternative thoughts
I learned that it is possible to replace negative thoughts with realistic ones, even positive ones. By putting myself in someone else’s shoes and also actively seeking a new way of thinking, I can turn what first seems bad into something good. Prayer helps a lot with this too
Challenging Thoughts
Much better than “100% true” - “is this thought realistic?” Might be a good tool to use in the early stages of being triggered.
Challenging Thoghts
“100% true” is an unreasonable standard for me. I’m not convinced that the good things in life are 100% true… and I wouldn’t want to be robbed of enjoying good thoughts that I can’t prove are 100% true. I know for a fact that in the present moment I’m not under attack but a panic attack still results from a set of “loose facts” that I can I very effectively spin into “a chance” of being true… and that’s enough to keep the trigger active. 100% true is equally as ineffective as having a standard to prove 100% false.