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Full Body Relaxation (YOUTH & ADULT)

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Feeling tension throughout your body and finding it hard to relax? This practice will guide you from head to toe, stopping at specific areas of your body where you will be invited to tighten that muscle group for five seconds and then relax for 10-seconds. This will cause a full body relaxation through all of your cells. You're going to love it.
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3 reflections
Releasing tension
My body from the busyness of the day was full of tightness all over especially in my neck and shoulders. Beginning this meditation, laying on my couch I inhale deeply 3 times and exhale slowly with a “sigh”. I can feel the tension in my body starting to ease its way out. Then Bradley’s soothing voice will guide you from head to toe, stopping at specific areas to tighten for 5 seconds and then releasing the area to create a relaxing response. I found this session very helpful in helping to release the tension as well as tightness I was feeling throughout my body. After this session ended, I went under the section titled soundscapes and chose listening to a waterfall for another 15 minutes while focusing on my breath. This continued to help my body and mind to relax.
Better to be relaxed; relaxation = creation
It feels better to be relaxed than to be tense. When relaxed, the mind is free to create and imagine.
Very positive procedure
This method truly achieves a very relaxed outcome. Good narration and background music provides very captivating attention. I’ve down loaded this track to ensure it’s available to play often.
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