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Full Body Breathing

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation is about breathing from your whole body. Normally we breathe from the chest, but it is more powerful when we can breathe from the full body. That means you are using your full body to open up to the air element, open up the channels or the nervous system to work together in harmoniously. If you do this regularly, you will have more energy in the body and feel refreshed.
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Breathing from your whole body
I learned that breathing from your whole body not only relaxes you, but also feels much different. Long or short breaths, it was a strange feeling to have your whole body involved.
Breath gives life!
My entire life, I have suffered from PTSD. Allowing the fear to orchestra every decision - paralyzed with anxiety - I’ve held my breath. Love is the opposite of fear. And choosing life means choosing to breathe.
Breathing from the whole body
I learned that breathing from my body not only relaxes my body but my mind too. It makes your day much better and brighter. It also calms your soul down.
A Great Day 10-28-17
This was actually an awesome meditation meditation if you REALLY followed it..this was the first time I was able to follow a males voice and be with it. I felt it. Enjoy Everyone!
Breathing from your whole body
I found it hard to really focus on this one. Maybe it was because it was more really trying to visualize as opposed to actually feeling something or doing something. But maybe I just need to work on that
Full body breathing
I’ve sent my breath to different parts of my body while practicing yoga, but never actually consciously breathed FROM my full body. It’s a great feeling and I’m able to take in more air. I also heard for the first time inhaling as opening your body fully to the air element-extremely mindful. Namaste
I found that if I focused on breathing through my toes I could sense it through my entire body
I learned how to breath with my entire body almost as if I was breathing through not only my nose but all the pores in my body as well as if my body was one big breathing apparatus breathing in more air than I am used to making me feel more refreshed calm and renewed...
It’s all about acknowledging the different parts of your body as you breathe
It’s all about acknowledging the different parts of your body as you breathe.
Full Body Breathing?
I find that I breathe comfortably (chest and belly), but am a little confused by whole body breathing. Sometimes I can feel warmth and tingling in my hands, but didn’t tonight. Perhaps I couldn’t focus or maybe it’s the cold weather. It’s 27 degrees in SE Michigan. I’ll certainly try this meditation again, though. 🙏
Out of it
Placed and placebo all in one I am the same boy I am the feeling the flow and a space toy
There is something that is done to the Mind and body when you truly stop and breathe and be in-tune
I really liked this one today . When you just let go of all expectations of self and others
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