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From Fear to Love - Three Best Practices to Alleviate Fear and Live as Love

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Here, I share with you the research-based knowledge of how to alleviate fear and how you may choose to live as love in far more moments of your life. Namaste! xo In this health pandemic, there is a lot of information that can heighten your fear; the overloading of information some of it inaccurate, some of it truthful; can still cause you to feel fearful when you have not previously. Sometimes, as you seek to have all of the right knowledge and information; focusing on the finding and having of facts can cause hypervigilence - acute focus on this problem even if your facts can now offer ideas for what you need to do. It is only when you are fixated on a problem that worries surface: your mind directed towards what is unwanted and what causes you to suffer. Let this help you! love dorothy
From the community
5 reflections
This was amazing!!
Love is always present within me, whether I feel it at the moment or not- and to let my actions be guided by this rather than the fear that causes me anxiety so much of the time. Where are the links? I would love some guided meditations etc on this to be able to tune into love instead of fear more often
Wow...I went from ugly crying to calm, I think I'll make through this moment.
The right words or questions to myself will center and ground me. I just have to stop and listen to myself.
Alexis Griffin
Truly peaceful and calming I turned this on in the car.
Even helped my 2 year old feel peace and calmness that she fell asleep just listen to your smoothing voice and background noise
Today 6-2-21
I learned that I need to redirect my attentions not on the fear but what I want to happen instead.
My reaction after this
When I opened my eyes after this I looked out of window on the tree, which is softly moving from the wind and I felt like it's the love energy which moves everything in the nature.
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