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Freedom Meditation

35 Min
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Andrew Johnson
Mindfulness & Sleep Coach
This is a 35-minute meditation designed to help give clarity of thought and a deep and long-lasting sense of personal freedom. The guided visualization will help the listener gain freedom from intrusive thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, negative habits, and much much more. Wake Ending
From the community
2 reflections
I felt like I died and got to come back and reawakened to my life and an opportunity of intense gratitude to for what I have. A retake - that you never get in reality- like when you think I could have had more fun when I was such and such age if I only knew how good it was at that time it was occurring, or if I had not to deal with depression my whole life.
Juliana Oppenheimer
I was taken so far away. The analogy of the open book as pivotal point had a major impact on me. Anyway, I am a very visual person and this did the trick. I have tried other long meditations and couldn’t complete them this was effortless for me.