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Freedom From the Past

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Michael Mackintosh
Meditation & Life Coaching Expert
In this spiritual meditation, let the past be the past, clear out old habits, clear out old ideas and beliefs and create a NEW self-image. Learn how to be who you want to be NOW, free to reinvent yourself. How can we clear out past mistakes and issues? How can we become free to be our best selves and not be held back? How can we clear away the limitations we’ve become trapped in? How can we feel clean and pure again?
From the community
3 reflections
Past is Powerful
I’m not sure if I can release the past. I have this notion that the past may keep me from making more mistakes
Letting go makes room…
I learned that letting GO makes room for letting IN….letting go frees up our internal habitat to welcome in the magic that breathes us into a beautiful new life.
Freedom from the past. Visualizing the remnants of the past being boxed up and taken away was wonderful. I enjoyed the steps. Like deciding yes, I can release them now.