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Freedom Comes from Love - Meditation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
You are not without the freedom of choice to choose with love. When you can choose with love felt wholly throughout your being; you are choosing freedom. In this very special guided meditation, experience and cultivate the feeling of love felt from within as you make 'right' choices for your life. If ever you have felt as though you have had limited or 'no' choice; please discover this meditation as an enlightened way of expressing the freedom of your free will choice to have all that you truly want. Know that freedom comes from love. Join me here for this 'favorite' meditation. Thank you! Dorothy
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4 reflections
I am getting to leave for a birthday party. B was supposed to go with me. The universe didn't align for this to happen. I needed this meditation to help me realize love relaxes me. And it gave me the power to choose my attitude. I could focus on what I don't have. Instead I am going to focus on what I do have. Instead I am going to choose joy. Watching a baby eat cake is always exciting.
Freedom to...
I learned that freedom is a most important commodity. Having freedom allows me to accept and love and cherish myself and in turn, pass those same feelings to my external world. Things can only get better with freedom. Namaste 🙏❤️🌷
A positive experience!
I learned how to turn distractions down a notch; a big deal for me! I feel hopeful that my anxiety and stress levels were reduced ...I look forward to learning more! Amazing...
Focus on the heart with love.
Wow! This meditation is absolutely fantastic. I’ll be doing this one frequently. Thank you Dorothy!
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