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Forgiving Them

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
When we get let down or upset with another, we often get stuck with that feeling. It's very tempting - and it's not great for anyone's health! If you're not sure how you can possibly forgive or free yourself from this - then this is your first step. We need to get below the surface and feel the "real" stuff. This meditation will give you space to let the truth rise to the surface so that you can consider forgiving. More from your guide and friend, Lauren, at
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8 reflections
I learned that I have terrifying thought about my siblings. This scared me at first but it got a little better. There is a lot of tension between us because we don't really get along. I try to be nice to them but they are just mean back to me and don't give me anything else in return.
Other's Feelings
Something that stood out to me was trying to see the other person's feelings, not just their point of view. It's easy to only think about how we feel and this was an important reminder that we all have feelings.
Another Everyday’er
I know that’s not a word. It’s very hard for me to forgive this one particular person. So, I practice this everyday. It’s probably for the best that I have no more contact with this person. This person, was someone I had trusted as my friend, and my support. But it turns out this person is not the person that I’ve known for years now. They’re completely a different person. They’ve done a lot of harm towards me But what had hurt me the most, was they had completely ditched me, during a point in my life where I was in vital need of my “friend,” and they knew it. Right now, all I can think of is the word fraud, when I hear others speak this person’s name. It’s, best that we don’t speak. But, I know the only way I can get pass the hurt, is to forgive them. Hopefully doing this everyday can help me finally do so.
Pray 🌟Forgiveness 🌟Shine
Pray to God to be able to forgive people that have hurt you on purpose. This is hard to do. It is good for you to let go of the hurt that was done to you. I think that it's easier to forgive someone that doesn't know that they hurt you because it wasn't done intentionally. Either way the pain will take time to heal. The pain will become easier. The experience of it you'll never forget. You will be cautious around the person that hurt you and eventually you'll let it go and move on. Forgiving someone is good for the mind and soul. Let your inner beauty shine and show the beautiful person that you truly are.
I learned that forgiveness is instrumental in my growing to love myself and others.
This was hard, was very hard. I might not ever get to tell them, I will never see them or hear from them again. Even if someone extremely hurts me, I always find it in my heart to forgive. It really lifts the hurt little by little. I personally believe that you shouldn’t carry that grudge, resentment, hate, hurt, etc. forever. Once you find forgiveness a weight is lifted off your heart. Life is short, feel peaceful, don’t carry something like that. Forgiven.
Fourth of July eve. We headed out in the late afternoon sun to do run a few errands. Over the bridge to the mainland to Dick’s. So much amazing sports stuff in one store, the vivid kaleidoscope of neon-colored soccer shoes dazzled our eyes. On the far left we wandered into a camouflaged world of muted greens and browns, accented with an isle of brightly bizarre fishing lures. “This one would look great on a keychain!”, she said as she held one that made me think of those little rubber troll dolls with the long, wild pink and blue hair you could twist into a million different shapes. We made our purchase and headed back toward the island, making a stop at her favorite fast food restaurant. “I’ll have a cobb salad please.”, she confidently said to the young girl behind the counter. “How very far she has come!” I thought, remembering back to a time when she was too shy to order for herself. After our poultry pit stop we crossed back over the bridge and headed to the French bakery down near the docks. “Bon jour Madame, je vousdres commander une gato chocolate pour mon famme’s bon anniversar.” “I’m sorry I don’t speak French!” “Oh, no worries... I’d like to order a chocolate birthday cake for my wife.” After we completed the order we strolled along the docks, checking out all the boats, listening to the musicians and watching all the sunburnt tourists strolling by. That’s when we heard a girl making kissy noises and calling out “Come her honey!” She was down on a floating gangplank on the water with two of her friends. All three were staring at something into the shallows. It took a minute for me to recognize the massive pair on manatees lolling like large, barnacle-covered whales just below where we were standing. Very slowly one rose her head to the surface until her whisker-covered, muddy snout was exposed to the air. Her large nostrils expelled a bubbly burst of air and then drew in a deep breath before once again vanishing. “Wow! That was amazing!” she said.
I don’t know what the ‘truth’ was just that the truckload of feelings of being let down. Didn’t help me process unfortunately.
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